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Fran's Chocolate

The kids are in bed. It’s quiet and warm. Finally! A chance to enjoy a sweet, rich chocolate treat all by yourself. Who doesn’t love a little mini-vacation on the couch every now and then? For Fran Bigelow it’s been more than an occasional indulgence – it’s a lifelong passion. Since her life-changing getaway to Paris inspired her to embrace French cooking sensibilities and exceptional ingredients, she’s cultivated a healthy obsession to be one of the best chocolatiers in the nation. In 1982, she opened her own patisserie and chocolate shop, embarking on a journey of joy to sell truly delectable chocolates and inspire celebration … or as she likes to say, joie de vivre.

Now Fran’s mastery of chocolate is known around the country – Barack Obama is even rumored to be a fan of her smoked salt caramels – and she’s often cited as the best chocolatier in Seattle. Who are we to argue?

Give the Gift of Elegance … and Really Darn Good Chocolate

What makes her chocolate so good? You can point to the collection of organic ingredients and fair-trade certified treats available but you might be equally as impressed by the sheer size variety of her recipe book. You have to be truly passionate about chocolate to craft so many different types of treats over the years: from truffles, sauces and chocolate bars to the presidentially revered smoked salt caramels, drinking chocolates, tortes and tarts, each confection has its own unique texture and rewarding, subtle experience. From the start, Fran has aspired to be more than just a chocolate maker. She wanted to be an artist, with her chocolate recipes as the canvas and your taste buds as the patron, coming back again and again to indulge.

You can visit one of her four chocolate boutiques located across the greater Seattle area, three locations in Japan … or pick up your own salt caramels right here at Town & Country Markets. The perfect box of Fran’s Chocolate also makes the perfect gift.

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