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Fran's Chocolate

The kids are in bed. It’s quiet and cozy. Finally! You’ve found your moment to experience the rich, deep, sweet, unexplainable specialness of chocolate, and the joy it brings to your life. For you, it may be a little mini-escape on the couch. For Fran Bigelow, it’s been a lifelong chocolate passion—one she molded into a career.

Fran goes to France

It all started with a getaway to Paris, which turned out to be Fran’s inspiration for embracing French cooking sensibilities and the exceptional ingredients that make it so special. From there, she cultivated an obsession to be one of the best chocolatiers in the US. And in 1982, Fran opened her own patisserie and chocolate shop, embarking on her journey of joie de vivre.

Many confections later, while she’s often cited as the best chocolatier in Seattle, Fran’s confectionery skills have become the stuff of worldwide legend.

She’s been credited with sparking the artisan chocolate renaissance in the United States and is considered one of the best chocolatiers in the nation. Her demand for maintaining the purity of chocolate and pairing it with only the finest ingredients has been an inspiration to both chocolate artisans and aficionados alike.

Indulge any way you like—even POTUS style

Whether you’re into truffles, sauces, chocolate bars, drinking chocolates, tortes, tarts, or those amazing smoked salt caramels Barack Obama is said to favor, each of Fran’s creations brings you a unique texture and rewarding, subtle experience.

From the start, Fran aspired to be more than just a chocolate maker. She wanted to be an artist, with her chocolate recipes as the canvas and your taste buds as the patron, coming back again and again to indulge.

Find Fran’s chocolates and lose yourself.

You can find Fran’s chocolates in her four chocolate boutiques located across the greater Seattle area, three locations in Japan … or pick up your own salt caramels right here at Town & Country Markets. When you do, take a moment to note the textures and harmonious flavors that layer themselves, one on top of the other. Let yourself get lost in the magic of this experience.

You’ll see why every box of Fran’s Chocolate is such perfection, and why it makes such a perfect gift for practically anyone (including yourself!)

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