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Flavored Oils & Vinegars

Want to turn a simple meal into a flavor adventure? Wander over to our Bulk Foods Section, and tap into a world of artisanal oils and vinegars just waiting to be discovered.

Here you can try high quality oils and balsamic vinegars, infused with delicious flavors, from onions to citrus fruits to exotic herbs and fresh berries. Baste your roast beef with a bourbon flavored balsamic one night. Toss a fresh green salad with blackberry vinegar and chive-infused extra virgin olive oil the next. Toss your sheet pan veggies with an oil that’s infused with garlic or shallot, or chili pepper. Drizzle a few drops of lemon flavored oil over your entrée to finish the presentation. The combinations are endless. And there’s no need to purchase any more than you need for the recipe (or experiment) you have in mind. Why not have fun and try more than one?

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