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Dry Botanical Bubbly

What happens when you have four kids in seven years and give up alcohol in the process? If you’re like Seattle native Sharelle Klaus, you might feel a little left out. Maybe you miss the fun of pairing drinks with food, celebrating with friends and family over a special toast, and having something sophisticated and nuanced to sip. So maybe, just maybe, you’re inspired to create something to elevate the zero-proof social drinking experience.

And that’s how Sharelle developed DRY.

She worked with some of the Pacific Northwest’s best chefs to learn how to use unique flavor notes to create simple yet elegant sparkling beverages that could please any palate. Crafted with minimal ingredients and natural flavors, each one offers a beautiful balance of acidity and sweetness, ideal on its own or with different cuisines. Either way, it’s that refined, full-flavor drinking experience alcohol avoiders don’t have to deny themselves anymore.

So good. So clean. So PNW.

DRY’s festive Fuji Apple flavor emerged as a result of Sharelle and her team tasting an entire array of apple varieties from all across Washington—in search of the ideal and not-too-sweet alternative to hard cider. All DRY sodas, like Lavender, Vanilla Bean, and Cucumber, are refreshing and satisfying on their own, but can also be used to mix up gorgeous mocktails with complex flavors that even the most hardcore alcohol enthusiasts will appreciate.

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