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Draper Valley Farms

What came first? The chicken or the egg? Well in Draper Valley Farms’ case, it was the egg … or eggs. A whole farm’s worth. This family-owned egg farm started in the Skagit Valley in 1935 and built its reputation on high-quality food by focusing on the “small,” keeping their resources Washington-based and keeping a stake in their Western Washington community. Take a short drive north to Mt. Vernon and you can still find them, nestled in the valley of this community just like they were nearly a century ago.

Draper Valley Farms has transitioned to raising the whole bird now instead of just the egg, but the focus is still the same. Today, keeping antibiotics out of your food is becoming a food industry standard but Draper’s been leading that parade since the 90s, coining the phrase “No Antibiotics Ever Chicken” and innovating their growing practices with the “Ranger” Free-Range Chicken Program, giving their birds room to run around, take dust baths, and even play “tag” with little sticks … seriously, we’ve seen it!

And they’ve remained a staple of the Pacific Northwest farming community. All their farms are Washington and Oregon-based, and their feed mill and packaging plant are still a Skagit Valley staple.

Instead of resting on their laurels, Draper has kept innovating, incorporating 100% vegetarian, non-GMO feed into the “Ranger” program, launching the “Roxy” USDA Organic Chicken in 2017 with certified organic farms right here in the Northwest. They’ve also managed our Skagit Red Chicken program since 2019, an exclusive to Town & Country Markets. No depressing cages stuffed with birds here … just happy chickens raised like nature intended.

It’s a good feeling to pick-up a pack of fresh-cut “Ranger” or “Roxy” chicken, roast a whole Skagit Red in your oven, or talk recipe ideas with one of our butchers and not have to wonder where your chicken comes from or whether it’s been eating junk food. It doesn’t get much fresher than chicken from a few miles north on I-5. Draper Valley Farms … a Pacific Northwest tradition since 1935.

SHORT: With their free-range farms, 100% vegetarian and non-GMO feed, and humane growing practices, Draper Valley Farms has been setting the industry standard for delicious chicken in the Skagit Valley since 1935.

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