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Discover the deliciousness of Delicata

With a name like Delicata, you expect this squash to be a fragile thing. But this long, cylindrical cream-and-green-striped veggie with its buttery-flavored orange flesh is anything but high maintenance. Any delicata you bring home today will still be good months from now. And it’s easy to cook with, since unlike other fall squash varieties, even its skin is tender and edible—no peeling required.

Packed with sweet flavor and loads of nutrients, delicata squash great for all kinds of recipes. You can stuff it, bake it, roast it, microwave it, sautéeit, tuck it into tacos, use it in hot soups or cool salads, and snack on its seeds (after you oil them up and toast them at 325 for 20-25 minutes, of course.)

The best delicatas are heavy and firm with uniform shape so they’re easy to cut, and deep, rich yellow or orange skin, with thin green stripes—mostly green means it’s not ripe yet. Come see these beautiful squashes on display at your T&C right now, and find yourself a nice one.

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