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Diestel Farms

It’s time to talk turkey, and Diestel Farms has always spoken our language (words like tender, juicy and always great tasting come to mind.) No wonder a Diestel turkey is our go-to seasonal centerpiece for Thanksgiving.

We’re huge fans of the philosophy that’s guided the Diestel family’s business for 70 years: “value over volume.” They slow-grow their birds on their family farm with a 100% vegetarian diet. Plus, there are absolutely no traces of antibiotics, pharmaceuticals or added hormones in these turkeys … and they’ve got the USDA verification papers to prove it.

Sustainability Isn’t a Trendy Tagline, It’s a Commitment

It’s all part of the Diestel family’s commitment to excellence, dating back to when Grandpa Jack founded the farm back in 1949. Some food companies embrace “sustainability” as a goal. But at Diestel, sustainability is the starting line.

Their regenerative agriculture practices restore nutrients and biodiversity to the soil. Their turkey-raising program has earned a Step 2 rating from the Global Animal Partnership, a non-profit program that ensures animals have more space, a safe, enriched environment and humane living conditions that mimic the natural world. They also keep chemicals out of local groundwater by using state-of-the-art filtration systems and probiotics. Jason Diestel, Grandpa Jack’s grandson, started a massive composting program that allows Diestel to reuse their organic waste. The program is so successful they’ve starting supplied compost to local commercial farmers and school gardens.

The fourth-generation of Diestels is now raising these delicious birds, and they plan to keep the family tradition going to their 40th generation. If they keep selling turkey this good, we have no doubt they’ll make it. So sharpen that carving knife and share a few slices of turkey that’s a cut above this holiday season.

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