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If you want a perfect Bloody Mary, and you want it, like, NOW, but don’t have the time or the inspiration to make it from scratch, bartenders, chefs and food lovers agree on this one: Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning. It’s the insider’s go-to mixer for easily making that zesty, flavorful iconic Bloody Mary the first time, and every time.

It’s crafted with a gourmet blend of 14 all-natural ingredients, so you simply add tomato juice, vodka (or skip if you’re going booze-free), a squeeze or two of lemon and you’re in business.

Got a minute to get creative with the garnishes? A few dill pickle spears and a celery stalk are a must around here, but cornichons, olives, pepperoni sticks, extra-crispy bacon strips, and even quartered hard-boiled eggs aren’t unheard of. Put some extra kick in your giddy-up with the Extra Horseradish Seasoning. (Sometimes a little extra spice is nice.)

And if you really want to mix things up, bring a few healthy dollops of Demitri’s Classic Seasoning from the bar to your next burger. Or rub it over a thick steak before you slap it on the grill. It’s a culinary gam- changer.

It’s almost TOO easy to make a dang good Bloody Mary

Developed behind The New Orleans Restaurant bar in Seattle’s famed Pioneer Square, Demitri Pallis took advantage of bartending experience and made it his mission to create a Bloody Mary recipe so good and high quality that anyone, anywhere could create an instant cocktail they’d be bloody thrilled with.

What made his mix so good? His customers. A pinch of salt here, and a few extra dashes of Worcestershire sauce there – step by step Dmitri let his thirsty customers guide him. More than 30 years later, it’s become a national phenomenon.

Demitri’s is so consistently satisfying that bars and restaurants across the country have added his gourmet seasonings behind their own bars, placing the keys to the perfect Bloody Mary in everyone’s hands. Including yours.

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