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Coro by Salumi

The salami from Coro by Salumi is so good, Anthony Bourdain called this salumeria a “holy place.” High praise, certainly. But judging by the lines stretching outside the original Pioneer Square store, and the thousands of die-hard fans who love their slow cured meats, that praise is well earned.

Is that your taste buds singing?

Coro translates to “chorus” in Italian, and each signature recipe hits its own set of sweet or savory notes. Like the Molé with hints of cocoa, cinnamon and chipotle. Finocchiona with fennel, hints of curry and black pepper. Adventurous Lemongrass Salami. These salami geniuses are constantly coming up new flavor combos, all of which pair nicely with a variety of wines, hard Italian cheeses, crackers, and dried fruit. Oh, and wine. (Did we mention that?)

New label. Same wow factor.

Originally the passion project of Amandin and Marilyn Batali, Coro by Salumi is now run by co-owners and friends Clara Veniard & Martinique Grigg. These two entrepreneurial women found the perfect fit for their budding business ambitions in 2017 when the Batali family decided to hang up their salami-making aprons for good. Now, Coro by Salumi is one of the very few women-owned salumerias in the country. Longtime fans have surely noticed a little difference in the packaging wrapped around their salami stick. But the signature flavors remain, waiting to be discovered by a whole new generation of fans in Seattle and across the country.

Salami, sustainably.

Clara and Martinique are making sustainability a cornerstone of the Coro by Salumi experience. They craft all their products with ethically sourced ingredients, small-batch, hand-mixed spices, and vegetarian-fed pork, with zero antibiotics. We can’t wait to see how their vision shapes the future of Seattle’s holy house of salami.

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