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Bee's Wrap

Sarah Kaeck has always been fascinated by bees. Just by following their insect instincts and pollinating plants across their community, bees hold entire ecosystems together. If these little buzzers can make a difference for their environment every day, Sarah figured she could, too.

So she developed Bee’s Wrap, an earth-friendly alternative to plastic wraps and bags. It’s made from just four natural and organic materials: organic cotton for shape, beeswax to seal in freshness, organic plant oil to make the whole thing nice and pliable, and tree resin for extra durability. They’re low-impact on the environment. (Plus, they come in really cute patterns any leftover would be proud to wear.)

Did you know that every single piece of plastic ever made still exists today?

Unlike plastic, Bee’s Wrap will completely break down and compost rather than bobbing around in the ocean and messing with natural habitats. Just one pack of Bee’s Wrap can save 1,667 sq. feet of plastic wrap from ending up in oceans and landfills each year—enough to wrap up an entire single-family home. If every household in America swapped plastic wrap with Bee’s Wrap, we could keep 212 million square feet (4.8 million acres) of plastic from fouling the planet each year.

How great would that bee?

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