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Athletic Brewing Co.

First rule about brewing beer … it should taste good! Let’s be honest – non-alcoholic (NA) beers have traditionally not had a reputation for, shall we say, flavor. 😊 With taste profiles ranging from “OK, I guess” to “yeasty soda left out on the counter for a few days,” they’ve been an acquired taste. But NA beers have come a long way, with breweries like Athletic Brewing pioneering enhanced brewing methods and building a reputation for great flavor in the craft beer industry. They’ve even won awards for it – competing against regular craft beers. Using high-quality ingredients with an emphasis on flavor, they’re setting the standard for a new kind of NA brew that actually tastes good. What a concept!

Ditch the Extra Calories. And the Hangovers.

With roughly half the calories and less than 0.5% ABV, Athletic Brewing crafts beers you can enjoy on a Friday night with friends and still get up early to hit the hiking trails or crush your morning workout without that sluggish feeling. The kind of beer you pass around the campfire or share during a post-marathon celebration. We’re talking about the ideals brews for maintaining your active lifestyle. And for every product purchased, Athletic Brewing Co. donates 2% of sales to protecting and restoring local trails.

IPA lover? They have both hazy and session-style IPAs, brewed to show off perfectly balanced malt and hops. Enjoy refreshing lagers, flavorful wheat ales and tart goses in the summer and dark ales and hearty stouts in colder temps. You’ll have a hard time telling the difference between their traditional counterparts.

Whether you’re looking to cut alcohol from your diet completely or just keeping it light for one night, Athletic Brewing is our new go-to choice for a refreshing, good-tasting beer that lets you live your best life.

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