Community Giving

We are committed to giving back to – and sharing with – our communities. We strive to be good neighbors by supporting and partnering with local organizations.

In this spirit of partnership, please read the following guidelines to see if your group might be eligible for a donation.

Donation Guidelines

  1. We support local, non-profit organizations with 501(c)3 status.
  2. The event, fund raiser or program must serve the local community.
  3. We do not make donations to political or religious organizations unless the donation will be used for local, secular, community service-related events or programs.
  4. We ask you give us a minimum of two weeks to process your application.
  5. We take acceptance of all people very seriously and do not knowingly support organizations with exclusionary practices and policies that discriminate.
  6. Generally speaking, we provide only one donation per year to any given organization.

To be considered for a donation, please print out our donation application and return it, completed, to the Town & Country Market or Central Market store that is closest to your organization.