Our friendly, knowledgeable butchers working with high-quality beef, poultry, pork, lamb and veal. We are committed to providing choices that appeal to different tastes and budgets – as well as preferences for natural, organic, sustainably raised and more.


Ground Beef: We don’t buy ground beef from anyone – we make it ourselves. We grind multiple varieties of beef every day in the Market. You can purchase any quantity you want (if you don’t see what you want in the packages we set out, please ask). We don’t add anything to our ground beef (including “pink slime” or “meat glue”) or use “scrap” meat — we grind only fresh beef and only the highest quality cuts.

Oregon Country Beef: We’ve been partnering with this business (including when it was called Country Natural) since 1988 because of its deeply rooted commitment to quality, humane animal care and sustainability. These cows are on a “never ever” program, meaning they’re never ever given antibiotics or hormones. And they’re fed a vegetarian diet.

USDA Choice Angus Beef: USDA Choice beef is the highest quality grade of beef next to hard-to-find Prime. Angus beef is renowned for excellent marbling, flavor and tenderness. So we offer cuts that are both USDA Choice and Angus.


If it’s on our shelves, you can count on it being fresh and from a reputable producer.

Smart Chicken: What makes this so smart is that it is air-chilled and you really can taste the difference. These chickens are chilled individually with purified, cold air rather than in big batches in vats of water, which is how most chickens are processed. This eliminates water absorption and cross contamination. The chickens are free-range, fed a vegetable grain, and are never given antibiotics. It’s simply a cleaner, tastier chicken! This is our premium offering. Whole chickens, and chicken parts, are organic, as well.

Continue reading for more about our other poultry offerings, our Heritage Pork program, holiday cuts and more specialized offerings.

Draper Valley: We carry the Ranger chicken from this Mount Vernon-based producer. The chickens come from throughout Washington. They are antibiotic, hormone and preservative free, and fed a 100 percent vegetarian diet. The chickens are kept in “stress-free” housing with access to the outdoors.

Holiday Turkeys: We offer turkeys from Diestel Turkey Ranch, Heidi’s Organic Hens and Northwest Natural.


Among our many pork products is Heritage Pork, which are old breeds of pigs (primarily pre World War II) not often seen because they aren’t suited to industrial pork production, but to family farm environments. Our Heritage products are “never-ever” products, meaning the pigs are never, ever, given antibiotics or artificial growth promotants. They’re fed an all-vegetarian diet and are raised with the highest standard of care in accordance with Animal Welfare Institute’s “Pig Husbandry Standards.” These pigs are born and raised on one of more than 400 U.S. family farms.

But wait, there’s more

Lamb and Veal: We don’t bring in pre-packed cuts – we cut our own, which allows us to control the quality of the finished product.

We carry a full line of American Pure Lamb year-round and, each fall, we feature Ellensburg lamb from Superior Farms. These lambs are born and raised in Yakima Valley by third-generation family farmers, without additives, hormones or growth stimulants. Responsible livestock management and a commitment to high-quality product make this a great choice! Superior Farms facility incorporates solar panels and a wind turbine, offsetting more than 90 percent of the plant’s total energy use. They only partner with family ranchers who share their values regarding the environment.

We also buy our veal from Superior Farms, which is committed to the proper handling and humane harvest of animals.

Uncommon Choices: We also offer uncommon choices like rabbit, goose, duck, game hens and pheasant. We carry conventional (and natural), range-grown and organic turkeys; organic, nitrate-free and conventional lunch meats and hot dogs; and an extensive selection of smoked products and specialty sausages. Many of our sausage and ham products are produced right here in the Seattle area, such as Uli’s, Hempler’s and Isernio’s.

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