Sliced-to-Order Meats

You’ll find all the standard sandwich-making selections of meat and cheeses at our deli counter where you can get as much (or as little) as you need, cut as thick (or as thin) as you like.

But our selection goes beyond the standard by offering choices in prices and flavors of these items, as well as domestic and imported specialty meats.

Our Own Sliced-to-Order Meats

We offer a line of roast beef, roasted turkey and smoked turkey that is created just for us, to our standards and specifications – no nitrites, nitrates or phosphates; no additives; no flavorings and  or preservatives. The turkey is roasted on the bone the way you’d cook it at home, and the meat isn’t pumped with a solution that preserves freshness longer but masks the flavor. The spices are pure and simple, and the meats are lower in sodium than other brands.

Applegate Meats

We’re proud to carry Applegate Farms organic and natural meats – turkey, ham, roast beef, chicken breast and salami. Applegate supports a network of more than 300 small family farms where animals are humanely treated and afforded ample space and fresh air. They are never given antibiotics, hormones or growth substances.

Applegate products are minimally processed and never contain artificial nitrates or nitrites. Instead they use celery juice and sea salt as preservatives.

Due to the freshness of both Our Own and Applegate meats, and the absence of preservatives, these products should be eaten within three to five days of being sliced and taken home.