Rotisserie Chicken

Our popular rotisserie chickens are made using Smart Chicken, a brand made famous for being air chilled. That makes these cage-free birds bigger, meatier and tastier. And you simply get more - and tastier - chicken per pound.

We offer rotisserie chickens in both Homestyle and Rosemary seasonings.  Homestyle uses a local spice blend unique to our stores, while the Rosemary Chicken is, well, seasoned with rosemary.

The slow roasting by rotisserie produces moist results, and the beauty of these chickens is that you can use it for a tasty main dish or in a recipe – or both!

In fact, our Culinary Resource Centers are so crazy about these chickens that they’ve got plenty of recipes that specifically call for rotisserie chicken – recipes to make that chicken last a good, long and delicious time.

Our rotisserie chickens are sold by the pound at all of our markets.