Sandwich Makings

Your guests will love creating sandwiches with our delicious sliced meats and cheeses, fresh toppings and artisan breads.

Fresh-Baked Artisan Breads

A great sandwich starts with great bread fresh from local bakeries. Sliced for easy sandwich making.

Small – Serves 10-12, $25.00

Large – Serves 15-20, $40.00

Meat & Cheese

A tasty combo of our popular sliced meat and cheese platters for simplicity and convenience.

Serves 15-20


Sandwich Toppings

Top it off with fresh-cut tomatoes, pickles, red onions and more. A handy grilling sidekick for burgers, too.

Serves 25-30


Sliced Cheeses

Cheddar, Jarlsberg, provolone and pepper jack cheeses sliced fresh for your event. Also provides a simple cheese selection to serve with crackers.

Small – Serves 10-15, $35.00

Large - Serves 25-30, $60.00

Sliced Meats

Black forest ham, roasted turkey, pastrami and salami sliced fresh in our Deli are the backbone of tasty sandwiches.

Small – Serves 10-15, $50.00

Large – Serves 25-30, $90.00

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