Olive & Antipasto Bar

The Olive & Antipasto Bar is loaded with dozens of selections every day – specialty olives, peppers, bulk mozzarella, feta cheeses and more.

Antipasto is the traditional first course of an Italian meal – and might include olives, marinated vegetables and peppers, cured meats and assorted cheeses. Our antipasto offers authentic products from their country of origin.

You can mix and match thanks to this wide variety, and buy as much as little as you want – so try something new without making a big investment. Create an antipasto platter (see our video below), select some delicacies for picnics or snacks, or use these authentic ingredients for pasta dishes, salads and pizzas.

Show Me How to Make an Awesome Antipasto Platter

Our Olives

All of our olives are imported from Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Argentina or Morocco – and are carefully selected to meet our standards of quality.

These aren’t your common black or pimento-stuffed green olives – they undergo a completely different process, and the people who grow and cure our olives are artisans committed to producing a high-quality product.

Off the tree, olives are so bitter that they are inedible, so they must be cured to be eaten. Our olives are cured the old-fashioned way - with time and a  small amount of salt and are all unpasteurized for a crisper, cleaner taste than mass-produced olives.

Our olives are handpicked when perfectly ripe, then laid out on tarps where leaves and twigs are removed by hand. All of our stuffed olives are stuffed by hand.