Bulk Foods

You choose the quantity you want and use less packaging when you shop the hundreds of items offered in our Bulk Foods departments – including organic and whole-food choices. So it’s better for your budget, your pantry and the environment.

Bulk foods are, on average, 89 percent lower in price than packaged goods (according to a study by Portland State University’s Food Industry Leadership Council), and the foods are constantly rotated so are optimally fresh. It’s also a great way to discover new foods with minimal investment.

Here are some great tips on how to shop bulk from some bulk-buying veterans!


  • Spices, grains, flours, granolas, snacks, trail mixes, nuts, beans, rice, pasta and candy
  • Local specialty candies include Fran’s, Seattle Chocolates and truffles made just for us by Coastal Mist Chocolates
  • Pour-your-own oils, maple syrup, honey and other liquids
  • Grind-your-own nut butters

Our clear bins make it easy to select what you want, scoop it into bags in the quantity you need and mark the tie with the bin number. It’s a great way to try recipes without having to invest in a large quantity of a spice or ingredient you don’t typically have around until you know if you like the recipe!

Herbs and Spices

Significant savings can be realized when it comes to buying spices in bulk. For example, a particular dried herb is available in a .75-ounce jar on the grocery aisle, for $5.89. But at $14.49 a pound, the same amount of the same herb costs about 70 cents in Bulk Foods. If you only need a tablespoon, then just buy a tablespoon!

We offer herbs and spices that are powdered, full leaf, mixes and blends. Our offerings include organic, fair trade and fresh choices from around the world.

You can choose to buy a pinch (we have bags in a variety of sizes) or a pre-packed pound (10 percent discount on many of those).

Our suppliers offer full disclosure of all ingredients. One of those suppliers is Frontier Natural Products Co-Op, a 30-year-old business that is committed to sustainability for the environment and communities. Another is Aunt Patty Spices, a Northwest business based in Eugene, OR, that has strict purity and taste standards and always uses organic and all-natural ingredients. We also work with Market Spice Herbs, a Pike Place Market presence since 1911.

Granola and Snack & Trail Mixes

Our granola and snack and trail mixes include Northwest-produced peanut-free, preservative-free, GMO-free (GMO stands for Genetically Manipulated Organism) and artificial sweetener-free fresh handmade choices.

One of our most popular granolas is Mirracole Morsels, which is handmade in Kingston and full of healthy nuts and oats and made with organic oat flour. The granolas never contain white flour or white sugar. In fact, there are whole nuts and big chunks of fruit or some other treat in nearly every bite – so it’s crunchy, chunky and tasty and not too sweet. Varieties include Almond Papaya, Cranberry Pecan, Pina Colada, Just Fruit, Ginger Hazelnut, Cranberry Hazelnut, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk and Everything but the Kitchen Sink. Owner and founder Nicole is happy to get feedback and product requests from our customers.

You’ll also find granola by Golden Temple of Oregon, another popular brand.

SunRidge Farms also provides us with trail mixes – all of which are free of artificial flavorings, sweeteners, preservatives and GMO ingredients. Their delivery trucks are powered by biodiesel fuel and their warehouse is solar powered.

Ah, Honey

We carry Northwest bulk honey in a variety of flavors. You can pick it up pre-packaged by the staff, or pour it yourself. Either way, you can get just the amount you want whether it’s for baking or a dollop in your tea.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a sample to taste.

We get our honey from GloryBee Foods, a Eugene, OR company that has been producing honey since 1975. The varieties you will see, at different times, are clover, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry.

Oh, Nuts

Grind your own almond butter or peanut butter right in our Markets so you always get the consistency and quantity that you want. Or grab a pre-packed, freshly ground container.

Our peanuts are roasted in Kingston by CB’s Nuts, a small, family-owned business that got its start at a Mariner’s baseball game in Baltimore, where a fabulous bag of fresh-roasted peanuts motivated  a fellow named Clark Bowen to get back home to Kingston and perfect the craft of roasting nuts in small batches.

Now Clark’s family business roasts organic and conventional peanuts, pistachios and other nuts, to sell throughout Washington and Oregon. To coax out the flavor potential of each and every nut, the nuts are brined and then roasted in small batches in a custom-made barrel roaster.

Our nuts and seeds come in a multitude of processing styles – roasted, salted, roasted and salted, raw, candied, shelled, in-shell roasted, in-shell raw, in-shell roasted and salted, ground, organic, slivered, sliced, diced, whole, pieces, haves and mixed.

What Else?

If you only bake cakes, cookies, muffins or bread infrequently, why buy five-pound bags of flour or sugar when you can get exactly the amount you need in Bulk Foods? Saves you from having to store all that food, too!