Beer & Wine

Selection, knowledge and Northwest producers – they’re what set our beer and wine departments apart from the everyday.

What you see on our shelves have been carefully selected by our wine stewards to suit a wide array of tastes, budgets and occasions – for connoisseurs and novices alike. Those same stewards are skilled at helping you choose the right wine or beer, based on your needs and preferences.

We offer a discount on regularly priced wines of 10% off 6-11 bottles, and 15% off 12 or more bottles.

You can build your own six-pack of craft and imported single-serve beers and ciders 14.9 ounces or larger, and receive 10% off. We have hundreds of these popular beers from innovative local breweries, as well as imports, offering new and seasonal releases all the


We offer a wide variety of  wine, with an emphasis on Northwest producers. Washington is second only to California when it comes to US premium wine production -- more than 600 wineries operate here. Although Northwest wines cover nearly every varietal, the region is known in particular for the quality of our Syrahs, proprietary red blends and Rieslings.

We carry a wide selection of organic wines, which gives us another opportunity to support Northwest growers and producers. Look for Eastern Washington’s Badger Mountain Winery, which became the first certified organic wine grape vineyard in this state. Their products include boxed red and white wines, providing size alternatives and green packaging (and making boxed wine respectable!). Another of our high-quality organic choices is Bonterra Winery of California, one of the first large-scale production wineries to be organic from inception.

We carry a selection of biodynamic wines, as well. The short explanation of biodynamic wine is that the vineyard is viewed as a complete living system –soil, insects, all vegetation, animals – and is approached holistically. So, the system is influenced by all factors, from compost to the phases of the moon. Many of our wines are certified biodynamic by the Demeter, said to be the only internationally recognized Biodynamic certifier.

We carry rosés from around the world year-round, with the peak season being May through September for both availability and taste. Since rosés usually have a short life of six months to a year, we always bring in the newest vintage.


Our emphasis is on craft brews and imports, although you can also count on the classic stand-bys. Our selection from Northwest microbreweries, European beers and “single-serve” beers is more than you’ll find at most grocery stores.

The smaller size is great for trying new and interesting beers without committing to a larger quantity. And because they’re brewed in smaller batches – often to introduce something new – you can count on them being fresh. A very high percentage of these are from Northwest producers. We offer  a deep selection of Northwest brands, including Silver City out of Silverdale, WA, and Elysian out of Seattle. Watch for specials on many of these local beers in our Biweekly Buys specials.


We entered the spirits world slowly after the passage of Initiative 1183 in November 2012, starting with just two stores in June 2013 – Central Market Shoreline and Town & Country Market on Bainbridge Island. We took what we learned from those experiences and expanded our offerings into nearly all our stores by the fall of 2013.

Our selection embodies the same qualities as our beer and wine offerings - a significant portion is from local craft distilleries. Our emphasis is on flavors, so we've integrated our selection of mixers directly within, or adjacent to, the spirits. Each month we feature a cocktail, offering the recipe with the spirits and mixers - great way to discover and taste new cocktails!

Are you a vendor of beer, wine or spirits? Please see our letter of introduction.