Our bakeries are full of artisan breads, desserts and cookies and much more – most from Northwest providers who are committed to the highest quality and serving a variety of dietary needs and preferences. We inspect our suppliers’ bakeries to ensure that every product that we carry lives up to our high standards.

Whether you’re seeking whole wheat, spelt, gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free or conventional baked goods – and that’s just to name a few, we think you’ll love our selection.

Our Town & Country Market on Bainbridge Island also makes famously beautiful and delicious special-order cakes, and wedding cakes.

Artisan (and otherwise) Breads

We receive daily deliveries of fresh, handcrafted breads from small, local bakers.

For example, the Essential Baking Co. provides bread for all our stores. This organic bakery in Fremont started selling bread at the Fremont Farmers Market, and its founder went on to start Theo’s Chocolates, too. They still sell their baked goods at local farmers’ markets to stay in touch with their customers, and they describe themselves as “fussy” about taste, texture and ingredient purity.

We’re thrilled to offer breads and sweets from the iconic Macrina Bakery of Seattle at all our stores. Grand Central (Seattle) and Wild Wheat (Kent) bakery products can be found at Central Markets in Shoreline and Mill Creek, and at Ballard Market. The Pane d’Amore Bakery of Port Townsend provides bread for Town & Country Market on Bainbridge Island.

Dave’s Killer Bread out of Portland is offered at all our stores – not only is this bread “killer good” and full of healthy, organic ingredients, it has an inspirational story to go with it. Dave was the son of a bread maker, but trouble with drugs and the law resulted in his spending 15 years in prison. When he got out, with the help and forgiveness of his brother,he developed this line of bread and with it, a brand-new story of redemption and success. His bread line is all organic and contains no animal products, preservatives, artificial flavors or corn syrup. Dave himself sometimes visits our stores to meet customers.

For those seeking gluten-free fresh breads, Udi’s Gluten Free Bread stands out as a great choice and a variety we believe has raised the bar for gluten-free products for both quality and taste. We also carry a variety of frozen gluten-free breads in our frozen foods section. We also offer gluten-free breads, cookies, little bars, muffins, cinnamon rolls and more.

Keep reading for more information on our Bagels, Cookies and Breakfast offerings.


Authentic, kettle-boiled bagels are delivered daily by Seattle Bagel Bakery, which creates bagels the old-fashioned way – individually hand topped and baked off the oven – without giant steam ovens for mass production. As an added bonus, Seattle Bagel uses Shepherd’s Grain, an alliance of progressive family farms dedicated to practicing sustainable agriculture, and a partner of ours, as well.  


We partner with 19 companies, most in the Northwest, for our cookie selection – offering choices in both the package size (individual to family pack), product size (regular to bite size) and preferences – gluten free, sugar free, vegan, wheat free, organic, fruit juice sweetened, etc.

Our partners include Little Rae’s, a baker that makes a great tasting, high-quality cookie using the best ingredients like real butter, in a nut-free facility. And they’re committed to buying their ingredients from responsible farmers.


Look for Flax 4 Life muffins, made wheat-free in a small bakery in Bellingham by a woman whose family was deeply affected by celiac disease.  Udi’s breakfast options illustrate how this brand has the standard for gluten-free products. Udi’s bakes its muffins and cinnamon rolls without artificial flavors, colorings, preservatives or other synthetic additives.

Wedding and Special Order Cakes

We love doing wedding and cakes for special occasions – and offer this at all our Central Markets and at our Bainbridge Island market. We have designs you can peruse or you can get a custom cake.

We are currently revamping our offers, so please call your market’s Bakery and make an appointment to come in and talk about what you’re looking for and how we can create your dream cake for any special occasion! You can find all the market phone numbers here.