What makes one grocery store different than the other? We think it has a lot to do with the choices made when selecting products, and the people who grow, produce and distribute those products.

We are committed to and passionate about providing the freshest products with the highest quality and the best taste. Our Produce, Seafood and Meat markets reflect that commitment, along with our Bakery, Dairy and Bulk products. We’re known for our beer and wine selection, our partnership with coffee companies, and the purity of our Town & Country label vitamins and supplements.

We started out as a conventional store that began providing natural and organic products in response to customers’ requests and changing needs. That turned into relationships with providers, which developed into partnerships that continue to bring us many of our most unique and high-quality offerings. So you can pick up a can of cat food and some paper towels, along with olives hand-pitted in Greece and cheese hand-crafted by an Olympic Peninsula farmer.

We’re also passionate about the services and products offered by our Delis – everything from meal solutions to our signature rotisserie chicken, soups, salads and sandwiches. If we don’t make it ourselves, then we work closely with experts who create products according to our strict specifications. They use our recipes, and agree to our oversight of ingredients and our own packaging requirements.

These choices and partnerships make our business fun, and we hope provides our customers with what is needed for all the occasions encountered in life – from a quiet breakfast on your own to a house full of family and friends for celebrations.

So look around our site, and our stores, to learn more about what makes our products and departments special. And don’t hesitate to ask about products, or suggest products. We’re passionate about listening, too!