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What’s in the Middle
of YOUR Plate?

Copywriter Chris Allen

Last week, we kind of circled the around the edges of the Thanksgiving plate. Now we’re going right to the center. It’s the big time. Diestel Organic Turkey, Our Own Blood Orange Cranberry Sauce, and Our Own Stuffing and Stuffing Starter. Turkey, Stuffing and Sauce are holiday classics, and this is the food we serve to or families. Let’s dig in …

Diestel Organic Turkey — Our Favorite Bird!


Look, if you want a great tasting, organic turkey for your family and friends, this is the one. Not only is it delicious, but the Diestel family’s “value over volume” philosophy really won us over. For 70 years, Diestel turkeys have been slow-growing their birds on their family farms with a 100 percent vegetarian diet.

They’re also big-time participants in the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) program, which certifies only the highest-quality animal husbandry standards. Each step in the program represents a lot of work, but to complete four out of five steps, like Diestel has done, is a remarkable accomplishment and significant investment in both time and money.

This is a fourth-generation, sustainably operated ranch on 400 acres in Sonora, Calif. Their family story and vision are pretty compelling.

Plus, Diestel released the results of a USDA double verification process in May verifying to us that absolutely no traces of antibiotics, pharmaceuticals or added hormones are swimming around in these turkeys.

All of this to say that, at $3.99 lb. in our markets, this is fantastic deal in both premium quality and flavor that we invite you to share. Time to sharpen that carving knife.

If carving strikes fear into your heart, and makes you realize your knives are all as dull as butter knives, watch our How to Carve a Turkey video and then sharpen your knives along with your skills!

If you want to know how much turkey to buy, and all the other basics of playing hostess, check our Turkey Guide.

Or if you want to enjoy the Diestel but would enjoy someone else doing the cooking, check our complete turkey meal from the Deli, which uses Diestel turkeys.

Time to Can the Canned Cranberry Sauce

We’ve all seen it. The strange, red, tube-shaped … “thing” … sliced into little discs on the Thanksgiving table. It still has the ridges from the aluminum from which it escaped. Who knows how long it’s lived in there? What stories could it share with us? Honestly, though, it was a little bit charming in its own way. A fun tradition.

But once you taste Our Own Blood Orange-Cranberry Sauce, whatever charm that canned cranberry has fades pretty quickly only to be replaced by surprisingly bold and delicious flavor. We’re not the only ones to offer a cranberry sauce with a citrus spin, but our culinary team has been tweaking this recipe for years to make it truly unique.

“It has that wonderfully sweetness you expect, but it’s the finish, that delicious little bite at the end, that makes it special. That’s the allspice and a little extra secret ingredient, too. That’s what makes it Our Own,” says Shauna Howell, our Culinary Expert. Sorry canned cranberry. This isn’t a nostalgia trip, this is great food.

Thankfully, flavor this good isn’t restricted to the holiday table. Try it slathered on a hot ‘n’ juicy pulled pork sandwich; garnished over a perfectly seasoned pork roast; or served as a beautiful, ruby red jewel in your holiday party cheese plate filled with soft-ripened cheese, especially goat cheese.

Our Own Stuffing and Stuffing Starter

Locally made just for us, our Rustic Stuffing bread cubes are available in seasoned and unseasoned varieties, both using rustic breads and high-quality ingredients. Mix a bag of our Rustic Stuffing with Our Own Stuffing Starter – a savory slurry of broth, veggies and herbs – and voila! Good-as-homemade stuffing is ready for your oven.

“It’s actually very versatile,” says Katie Long, our Culinary Demo expert at Central Market Poulsbo. “It’s really tasty and savory served as is. But for someone like me who’s always tinkering and looking to go to the next level with a recipe, it a great flavor base that allows me to get inspired and throw in whatever ingredients I want to make it mine own.” For example, add sautéed leeks and mushrooms, cooked sausage, oysters or turkey giblets.

You can read more about Our Own Stuffing, Stuffing Starter and all our other delicious, time-saving Thanksgiving sides in last week’s blog post.



Cheese Corner

Our very own cheese whiz, Shauna Howell, offers up a cheese worth discovering.

COMTÉ  — this Grand Dame of cheese made since Charlemagne’s time — is one of France’s finest and most enjoyed cheeses.

12-Month Comté Cheese

12-Month Comté

You’ll find it everywhere from your local sandwich shop to the finest restaurants and - heaven forbid – fast-food stops. Ours is aged for 12 months, giving this unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese those crystalline bits and a rich, unapologetically brown-butter flavor you love to love.

Although some compare it to its Swiss cousin Gruyère, Comté holds its own in sandwiches, gratins, fondue or cubed on a cheese plate. 

Try it and decide which side of the Jura Mountains you prefer your cheese to be from.

Chris Allen is a copywriter and assistant marketer with Town & Country Markets. He’s a former contributing editor, radio anchor and producer, and an Air Force veteran. He’s also mastered the art of chopping red onions with one hand while sipping a dry Tempranillo in the other.

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