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Top Fall Fashion Picks:
Apples, Pears, Pumpkins

With Labor Day behind us, we’ve begun the transition to the fall season in our Produce Markets. We received our first new crop of Washington apples – Honeycrisp and Gala – over the weekend and we expect Fuji and Granny Smith this week. We should see new varieties arrive each week as we move through September.

The Washington apple crop is about three weeks behind last year. The fires haven’t helped either. What we need now are some cooler nights in order to see the 2017 apple season take off in earnest.

varietypears-hpNothing says fall more than Northwest pears. We now have a new crop of organic Bartlett and Red Starkrimson and it looks like we’ll be adding Anjou pears to the mix this week, as well. On the conventional side, we have nearly all varieties – Bartlett, Starkrimson, Bosc, Anjou and Comice.


Sorry but berries are basically done. The strawberries are fair at best, Northwest blueberries  are just about gone and it looks like we get only one more week of goods supply of blackberries from Sterino Farms in Puyallup.  If the weather holds, we may have blackberries through the entire month.

Speaking of Sterino Farms, it looks like we have about two weeks left for local lettuce and maybe three weeks for corn. We do have a of local cabbage, leeks, celery and fennel.  I visited Jack Sterino last week and it looks like the Brussels sprouts trees are a week or two late this year. I would expect them to arrive later in the month. While I was there, I checked on the pumpkins and I think we’re about to have an exceptional year where they’re concerned. They look a little larger than last year and have great color with thin, dark stems. We can actually get the pumpkins now, but are choosing to wait until Oct. 1 this year.

All our markets will receive their initial shipment of a variety of pumpkins sometime between the Sept. 28 and Oct. 4, so watch for that! We chose to wait because the longer a pumpkin sits out on the warm pavement, the faster they break down. We’ll have the largest variety and selection to choose from, as usual.

If you’re looking for something that eats great and speaks to fall like it can also speak to summer – check our seedless grapes. They’re at their peak now – large, flavorful and a crispy crunch that pops in your mouth. Right now, we have the Green Pristine, Red Celebration and Black Shiota – all seedless. We’ll have a few other varieties come and go over the next six to eight weeks. We expect to have excellent quality seedless grapes through Thanksgiving!

Walla Walla Sweet Onions are all but done and the Mayan Sweet Onion, our next favorite, is already on its way. There are other sweet onions available but we truly believe the Mayan Sweet is far sweeter!

We are already into a new crop of potatoes from Eastern Washington. We’ve started to get quotes from the Mount Vernon area, too. They’re a little closer to home, but we want to be sure the skins have fully set before we make the move.

Lastly, we all have been watching and hearing about hurricanes Harvey and Irma over the past couple weeks. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those living in the areas affected by these hurricanes.

Thank You, Joe

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4 Responses to "Top Fall Fashion Picks:
Apples, Pears, Pumpkins

  1. Written by Anonymous - September 14, 2017


    Thanks for an excellent article.
    Do you know if any of Mill Creek’s grapes are organic?


    • Written by Town & Country - September 18, 2017

      Absolutely! All our markets have organic grapes – and likely will through Thanksgiving (and thanks for your kind words!).

  2. Written by Karl S - September 21, 2017

    Hi – I was wondering about the fun pumpkin weighing contest the Shoreline Central Market has every year. Is that coming up?

    • Written by Town & Country - September 25, 2017

      Best way to find out for sure is to call the market – 206-363-9226

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