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Our Gourmet Burgers
Make the Fourth Grand!

Copywriter Chris Allen

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July! I hope you’re spending it with friends and loved ones, and that you thought ahead and requested Friday off from work, too. Most importantly, I’m pretty sure it’s a federal law that you must grill on Independence Day. Never fear – we’ve got lots of amazing food to keep you out of food jail.

Restaurant-Quality Burgers with Zero Prep

Most people love a thick, steakhouse-style burger fresh off the grill, but if you’re planning a cookout for more than just you and the family, it can get a little overwhelming to prepare all the extra ingredients yourself. Who wants to work hard on a holiday anyway? Our Meat Markets have lots of delicious options for you, including Our Own Gourmet Burgers for $6.49 lb.

A hamburger with a macrina bakery bun is ready to eat

Burgers are a natural on the Fourth

Each market has their own favorites, including the Bronco Burger, Blue Cheese, Chile & Cheddar, Smoky Cheddar and more! And save $1 lb. off all varieties through the holiday, too.

Whichever gourmet variety your local Meat Market offers, it’s guaranteed to be made fresh daily — no frozen ground beef here! Our fresh ground beef program is something we’re proud of, and when you throw extra high-quality ingredient in the mix, you’re talking about an easy short cut to Fourth of July burgers you’ll be talking about ‘til next summer!

Our Seafood Market is getting in on the action, too, with all varieties of Our Own Salmon Burgers on sale for $10.99 lb. The Jalapeño variety is my personal favorite, but also try the Ginger-Teriyaki, Smoky-Chipotle or the Hatch Chile. Come hungry ‘cause we’re not skimping on the salmon here!

Crab Rangoon dip on a place with crackers served next to it, and an actual crab in the background.

Crab Rangoon Dip

On your Marks … Get Set … Dip!

No cookout is complete without something creamy for dipping handfuls of crispy chips … or veggies, I guess.

Our recipe archives are stuffed with hundreds of recipes developed over the years by our culinary folks. And if you put “dip” in the search bar, you probably get the most results possible (I’m not sure what that says about our culinary peeps, but I know it’s a good sign). Some highlights include the Pepper Jack-Avocado Dip with its pleasing, Southwest-style kick, while the Radish Dip is a super simple, vegetarian-friendly spread that’s surprisingly tasty. And for the decadent dip lovers, our Crab Rangoon Dip is bringing the big flavors with ginger, cilantro and parsley to tag along with decadent fresh crab. So good!

Let’s Salute These Red, White and Blue Pies

Listen, I’m going to be straight-up with you. If you want delicious homemade pie, there’s nothing better than the proverbial “Grandma’s apple pie cooling on the windowsill” experience. But it’s going to be way too hot for baking, right? And Grandma needs a break, too.

A cherry crunch pie from above

Cherry Crunch Pie

Good news! Handmade pies by Willamette Valley Pie Co. are on our Big Board for just $9.98. That almost half price! Made from scratch with wholesome ingredients, these pies are really a treat.

This year’s varieties are Cherry Crunch, Marionberry Crunch, American Apple, Raspberry-Rhubarb, and … wait for it …. Red, White & Blue Pie. What a country! We’re talking fresh red apples and raspberries to go with sweet blueberries.

They’re made by the Roth family in Oregon. They’ve been growing berries since 1999 and got into the pie business soon after. They’re kind of legendary down there, and use original recipes learned from fellow Oregonians. Plus, they work with us every year to provide our favorite varieties and baking techniques for our customers. Don’t have too many slices!


Cheese Corner

Our very own cheese whiz, Shauna Howell, offers up a cheese worth discovering.

Snowdonia Red Devil - If you’re looking for heat this week, this is the cheese to pick up. Wrapped in red wax, this creamy Red Leicester has a judicious amount of red crushed chile peppers. It’s scrumptious spread over a cracker, but where it really stands out is melted over nachos, a juicy burger or — best of all — scrambled in eggs. It comes from Wales (the country, not the mammal) and for the heat-seekers in your group, it’s my go-to. At room temperature, it’s nearly creamy enough to spread so it makes a superb sandwich spread with thinly sliced roast beef or crumbled onto a burger.Plus, it’s pretty as punch on your cheese board and there’s something to be said for that.

Chris Allen is a copywriter and assistant marketer with Town & Country Markets. He’s a former contributing editor, radio anchor and producer, and an Air Force veteran. He’s also mastered the art of chopping red onions with one hand while sipping a dry Tempranillo in the other.

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