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‘Laughter is Brightest
Where Food is Best’
_ An Irish Proverb

Copywriter Chris Allen

“Bless us with good food,
the gift of gab and hearty laughter. 
May the love and joy we share,
be with us ever after!” – Irish Kitchen Prayer


St. Patrick may be the patron saint of Ireland, but many St. Patrick’s Day traditions were born in the United States (so writes Christopher Klein on So, you know, it’s kind of an American thing. And while you probably won’t see too many grinning leprechauns or giant pints of green-colored beer in our markets, we do love to offer the food that has become a staple of American cuisine this time of year.

I’ll cut to chase: Porter & York Corned Beef is on our Big Board Buys right now for just $5.98 lb., (that’s $2.01 off per lb.) and an assortment of authentic, 7-oz. hunks of authentic Kerry Gold Irish Cheeses are 2/$6 (you save – wait for it – $7.98 on two packages!). You can get a true taste of St. Patrick’s Day with those items alone, but the curious food lover will find much more in the paragraphs below:

Corned Beef and Cabbage with Carrots, Potatoes and Mustard

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Corned Beef and Cabbage Done Right

Corned beef and cabbage might be a distinctly American invention developed by Irish immigrants looking for a replacement for their traditional dish of bacon and cabbage, but you know what? That’s cool because it tastes amazing and it’s a wonderful tradition. Especially if it’s done right. If you’ve never tried this Irish-American dish, the dedicated folks with our Deli & Culinary Food Services would love to introduce you.

Cameron Maddy of our Food Service team

Cameron Maddy

“When I originally ordered about 50 pounds of corned beef for our first Corned Beef and Cabbage recipe a few years ago, a lot of my co-workers said I was crazy,” says Cameron Maddy, our Culinary Menu Coordinator. “They didn’t think anybody wanted it. We sold out in three days. Now we prepare thousands of pounds and I’m still not sure it’s enough.”

Maybe it’s because Cameron and the rest of our Food Service crew spend hours preparing fresh-cut potatoes, sweet carrots, fresh cabbage, herbs and spices from our incredible Produce Market and slow-roasting it all for hours with the superstar — delicious Porter & York corned beef brisket.

“This isn’t just beef that we pulled from a warehouse somewhere. This is top-of-the-line beef prepared just for us. And we use it prepare our recipes just for our customers. We roast them in our industrial-strength ovens for hours until they’re absolutely perfect. Tender, juicy and brimming with superior flavor,” Cameron said.

Operating right around the corner in Woodinville, Porter & York is just one of the many local producers we love. It’s the easiest thing in the world to partner with them for Corned Beef and Cabbage when they offer 100-percent Angus beef that’s pasture-raised, grain-finished and aged 28 days. Check out their story at

If you’re in the mood to make your own Corned Beef and Cabbage at home, we’ve got you covered. Porter & York Corned Beef is on our Big Board Buys right now for $5.98 lb. – a savings of $2.01 per pound. If you’re a fan of our Bainbridge market, we’ve brought back our popular Corned Beef & Cabbage Meal on Market Meals – go to to see a $5 off code. And you don’t even have to kiss the Blarney Stone to get it.

Build Your Own St. Paddy’s Day Feast

Gubbeen - a farmstead cheese from West County Cork, Ireland

Gubbeen – a farmstead cheese from West County Cork, Ireland

Corned beef and cabbage might be an Irish-American invention, but we’ve got a pungent array of authentic Irish cheeses to munch on, too, including our Cheese of Choice for March, the Irish Gubbeen.

It’s the Real Deal Holyfield: Rob Foley from our Food Service team discovered this little gem (emerald?) while in Ireland over the New Year’s holiday (these guys are always working!).

You can get the details in this week’s cheese corner below, but the bottom line is: It’s bold, authentic and delicious with smoked salmon or pâté. We’re also featuring Claddagh Bo, an aged Irish Cheddar; Cashel Blue, a buttery blue; and much more.

Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese

Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese

Our Grilled Cheese special of month — yes, our Delis have that and they’re amazing — is “The Dubliner.”

This is a grilled cheese sandwich filled with sweet and sharp Kerrygold Dubliner cheese, slathered with mustard chutney and served on Brenner Bros. Bakery’s delicious caraway rye bread.

My mouth is literally watering as I type this.

Our Irish Soda Bread

Our Own Irish Soda Bread

Our Own Irish Soda Bread is back, too! Our bakers at Central Market Poulsbo have been busy adding lots of juicy raisins and earthy caraway to as many loaves as they can.

Scrape a pat of butter across a fresh slice and pair with our Corned Beef and Cabbage for a truly unique and delicious flavor experience.



Corned Pork Melt with Caramelized Onions & Cabbage

Corned Pork Melt with Caramelized Onions & Cabbage

Our Culinary team even whipped up a special recipe for this week — the Corned Pork Melt with Caramelized Onions and Cabbage. Many of our co-worker couldn’t keep their mitts off this recipe while we were testing it so I’m sure it will be a hit among you sandwich lovers out there. Pair with a savory dill pickle spear and an ice-cold Harp lager!

And finally, with all the eating, surely it’s time for us to hoist some Irish beer, yes? Yes!

We’re stocked with the standards you’ve come to expect – Guinness and Harp Lager. I want to give a special shout-out to Smithwick’s red ale, a brew I came to know intimately while backpacking across Ireland in my early 20s.

A bottle of Smithwick's Red Ale

I don’t know if I was a little too excited about just getting out of the Air Force, but I got a little TOO familiar with Smithwick’s (according to the surly bartender who poured my first pint, it’s properly pronounced “SMIT-iks”).

I may have had some trouble putting the pack on my shoulders a few too many mornings.

Smithwick’s wasn’t even available in the states until about 2004, so if you’re looking for an authentic Irish beer that’s still smooth like Guinness but with a sweeter, more traditional finish, definitely pick up a six-pack.

And, in closing, I must say that Irish sayings and proverbs are as great as Irish food traditions:

“A cabin with plenty of food is better than a hungry castle.”

– Irish Saying

“Laughter is brightest where food is best.” 

– Irish Proverb





Cheese Corner

Our very own cheese whiz, Shauna Howell, offers up a cheese worth discovering.

IRISH GUBEEN: Gubbeen is a farmstead cheese from West County Cork, Ireland. This pillowy, pink-and-white bundle of washed-rind cow’s milk cheese is the perfect way to celebrate the craftsmanship of Ireland.

With pasture-grazed cow’s milk, it’s easy to picture yourself on the blustery coast as you enjoy Gubbeen’s lingering mushroom and hazelnut flavors. Ours was made for us just as we ordered it and so it’s still quite young, with a buttery texture and the taste of sweet meadow grass. This limited-edition cheese is only available for a short time so pair it with caramelized onions on rye bread and a hearty stout while you can!

Chris Allen is a copywriter and assistant marketer with Town & Country Markets. He’s a former contributing editor, radio anchor and producer, and an Air Force veteran. He’s also mastered the art of chopping red onions with one hand while sipping a dry Tempranillo in the other.


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