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Italian Food Offers
Aid and Comfort
as Fall Approaches

Marketing Manager
Sue Transeaux

We’re easing into comfort food season, and our Wine Shops are featuring Italian wines this month. So here are some Italian comfort food suggestions that are super easy to make yet will taste like you spent real time in the kitchen with recipes passed down from a long line of Italian cooks.

Ciao: Awesome Sauce Over Raviolis That Rock

If you’re aghast at the thought of using jarred pasta sauce (or use it begrudgingly), we have a couple that will change your mind about how good sauce in a jar can be.

Exclusivo Wild Porcini Sauce and Al Dente! Pasta Sauce from the Stanislaus brand truly taste like they were made from scratch in an Italian grandmother’s (or grandfather’s) kitchen.

It all starts with the tomatoes. The Italian family that runs Stanislaus (located in Modesto, Calif.) pays premium prices to California tomato growers to get the best. Using these stellar tomatoes and a few simple ingredients, rather than tomato concentrate like many other prepared sauces, sets their sauce apart. High heat is a fresh tomato’s downfall so they simmer the sauce long and slow. I’m telling you, you really can taste the difference it makes to start with fresh, whole tomatoes. These are so good that most of the sauce from Stanislaus is made for high-end restaurants.

Pair either of these sauces with ravioli from The Ravioli Store,Exclusiveo Sauce a company that started as a small pasta shop in New York’s Greenwich Village in 1989.

Made in small batches with extra-thin pasta and intriguing fillings like Pumpkin & Sage or Wild Mushroom & Truffle, these are also served in fine restaurants.

Pick them up on the frozen aisle after getting your sauce, grab a bottle of Italian wine, and you’re on your way to a simple and satisfying Italian meal.

Let the Risotto Stir You – Not the Other Way Around

If superb ravioli and pasta sauce isn’t enough easy Italian comfort food to get your tummy rumbling, check out this rich and creamy treasure in our Deli – Our Own Risotto Starter.

This is the real deal – made with Arborio rice, vegetable broth and loads of Parmesan. And you don’t have to stand at the stove stirring for half an hour! Heat and enjoy as is, or better yet – make it your own by adding sautéed mushrooms, cooked sausage or chicken, veggies, fresh herbs, roasted garlic, roasted butternut squash … just do it. You’ll love it. I promise.

Central Market wine managers at a wine-tasting meeting

Central Market wine managers at a wine-tasting meeting (they have to spit it out – so it’s not as fun as it might look!)

Central Market Wine Sale:  Thoroughly Taste Tested

This is a big deal! Our Central Market wine managers and corporate Specialist Don Thornton have selected nine wines to offer at remarkable retails Sept. 13-26 at our Central Markets in Poulsbo, Shoreline and Mill Creek.

They sampled about 30 wines to select those with the best flavor and worked with their vendors to get the best deals possible on each.

A couple of examples: Our wine guys think Laya Red from Spain might become your new favorite wine. Ripe red and black fruit, floral notes, powerful and balanced with a long finish. Pick this one up for $6.99 a bottle, a savings of $3. And there’s G.D. Vajra Langhe Rosso from Italy, a blend of Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo grapes that is wonderfully drinkable, especially with hearty Italian food. At $11.99, you’re saving $7 a bottle.

Don said that even at regular retail, both these wines offer incredible value. So come in and stock your wine rack for fall!

Note: These wines are already such a great deal that they aren’t eligible for our usual case discount. This wine sale is only at our Central Markets.


Cheese Corner

Our very own cheese whiz, Shauna Howell, offers up a cheese worth discovering.

Let me tell you about Jasper Hills Creamery Harbison. But first, grab a spoon. Because what’s eating best right now in the cheese case is this delicious soft-ripened, hand-crafted cheese from Vermont.

Winning the coveted Best of Show award at the American Cheese Society conference last month, it’s become a hot commodity across the United States. So we were lucky to get some and we just happen to have it on a great deal.

Its rustic bloomy rind is wrapped in strips of spruce trees’ inner bark, harvested from the woodlands of Jasper Hill, imparting a sweet woodsy flavor. This cheese puts the ooey in gooey and begs to be eaten with a spoon. If you must, share with friends but don’t feel bad about keeping it all to yourself.

It’s no joke when we say hurry on in … it’s flying off the shelf and we may not be able to get more.

Marketing Manager Sue Transeaux joined Town & Country Markets 23 years ago, working in Bulk Foods at the market on Bainbridge Island. She’s always watching for what’s fresh, delicious and inspiring in our markets.

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