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Gourmet Burgers,
Local Sweets
and an Orchard Tour

Marketing Manager
Sue Transeaux

Let’s close out July with big and tasty handmade burgers and sausages, a great deal on locally made sweet breads and a virtual tour of Washington orchards.

Big Buns Required

Our Own gourmet burgers are big, bold and ready for the grill.

Our Own gourmet burgers are big, bold and ready for the grill.

What do you eat when you’re not just hungry for summer, but ravenous? Big burgers stuffed with flavor and plump handmade sausages! You probably know that our butchers grind fresh meat every day for our ground beef and pork. We also use fresh grind to make Our Own gourmet burgers and sausages. The burgers are big – about a third of a pound – and have cheese and flavor mixed right in. Bacon & Cheese, Bleu Cheese, Smoky Cheddar and more (selection varies by market). Take your pick, grab some sturdy buns, and prepare to be satisfied. Our Meat Market folks also make generously sized sausages with freshly ground pork shoulder, from bratwurst to Italian and some seasonal varieties. You can’t get handmade burgers and sausages just anywhere, and we think ours are among the best.


The Grand Finale’s

Variety sweet breads from Finale’s Gourmet Desserts in Lynnwood.

Variety sweet breads from Finale’s Gourmet Desserts in Lynnwood.

Our Big Board Buy on sweet breads is sure to keep Steve and Mary Mindermann and their staff at Finale’s Gourmet Desserts in Lynnwood busy this week – only $4.98 each. Choose from Zucchini Walnut, Double Chocolate, Lemon Poppy Seed and more. Our customers’ favorite is Vanilla Pound Cake, which is described on the Finale’s website as, “Plays well with others. A delightful companion when sprinkled in strawberries or smothered in chocolate sauce. Emotionally secure enough to arrive alone.” We think it would be divine in our recipe for Fresh Berry Trifle.


A Peachy Road Trip

Dan Gunkel in his peach orchard on the Columbia River

Dan Gunkel in his peach orchard on the Columbia River

Head over the Snoqualmie Pass, swing a right after Ellensburg, and just past Yakima you’ll be in Wapato – home of Valicoff Fruit Company for more than 40 years. The Valicoff family is sending us their best Honeyblaze nectarines right now, an early-season variety known for sweet, smooth flavor. From there head south on the Yakama Scenic Byway for an hour or so, and right there on the Columbia River is Gunkel Orchards. Dan Gunkel and his family have been growing stellar cherries, apricots and peaches for us for years. The apricots are done for the season and we’re nearing the end of cherry harvests, but we’re just getting started on the Washington peach season. If you’re craving juicy and sweet stone fruit after that virtual orchard tour, c’mon in to the market!


Cheese Corner

Our very own cheese whiz, Shauna Howell, offers up a cheese worth discovering.

Marin French Cheese’s Petite Breakfast is a California original made in Petaluma since Lincoln was president. This petite disc of un-ripened brie is enriched with a hint of cream, giving it perfect tang and texture. Its tiny size makes the perfect choice for a cheese plate or a hike. If you have friends who cut the rind off their brie, they’ll love this sweet petite because it’s packaged fresh and young and has no rind. Because it’s mild, buttery and smooth, Petite Breakfast is perfect alongside morning pastries and the Finale’s sweet breads mentioned above.

Marketing Manager Sue Transeaux joined Town & Country Markets 23 years ago, working in Bulk Foods at the market on Bainbridge Island. She’s always watching for what’s fresh, delicious and inspiring in our markets.

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