Market Director
Chris Ching

You’re likely to see Chris Ching running around T&C Market Lakemont if you’re shopping. And if you happen to be fishing, you’re likely to see him on the water with a pole, as well.

When Chris Ching say he’s a hardcore fisherman, it’s not an exaggeration.

“Most people winterize their boats. Not me. You don’t need to when you’re out fishing the Sound every weekend.”

Born and raised in Shoreline, Chris would visit his grandparents in Hawaii every summer where he learned to fish, surf and swim – all activities he still loves today. Albacore tuna is one of his favorites to catch. “When it’s good, there’s nothing quite like the bite and adrenaline of catching a tuna.”

His wife, Katie, is also no stranger to a fishing boat. She fishes in Alaska every year during July and August. Their aging chocolate lab, Bailey, is always there to welcome them both home.

Chris started bagging groceries in 2001 and eventually worked his way up to grocery manager at Matthew’s Thriftway before it became Town & Country Market. Chris also served as the assistant market director and helped lead the market through a massive remodel in 2016 before being tapped to take the wheel as market director in 2018.

“Honestly, when Matt’s staff combined with T&C, we didn’t skip a beat. Our culture and staff both felt like home to me, and they still do today. That’s what sets us apart from other companies. Our staff is truly special and we pass that feeling of coming home on to our customers.”

Chris likes to think of the Lakemont area as a gateway to the great outdoors sitting as it does on the edge of Cougar Mountain, Squak Mountain State Park Natural Area, and Snoqualmie Pass.

“We’ve got all kinds of high-quality bulk foods, grab-n-go meals and fresh produce to give you the energy you need for hikes and deck parties.”

And if you find yourself out on a boat in the Westport area of the Sound some weekend, keep an eye out for Chris on his fishing boat, casting just one more time before heading home.