Holiday How-To Videos

Having people over? Going to a party? Hosting Thanksgiving at your house?

Any one of those things can be intimidating if you really haven't ever put together an appetizer that is stunning - because, who thinks of that while they're on the beach in July? Lucky for you - we weren't at the beach. We were thinking about how we could help you put together a gorgeous cheese board like a pro - all that stuff about textures and soft rinds and … well there's so much to know about cheese.  And an antipasto platter? Please - there are as many kinds of olives as there are cheeses!

Hosting Thanksgiving can mean you get handed a giant knife and all eyes are upon you - another holiday stress point. So these videos are intended to guide you to build a cheese platter, and an antipasto platter easily and quickly. And then march right up to that dining room table and carve yourself a turkey like a boss.

Happy Holidays!

How to Build a Cheese Board

Sharen, Culinary Coordinator at T&C Market Bainbridge Island, teams up with our Director of Culinary Services Shauna, to offer tips on building a cheese board. Shauna knows more about cheese than the average cheesemonger – she even took a course in France and graduated! 

Build an Antipasto Platter

Tom Loverich conducts an up close and personal tour of our Olive and Antipasto Bar as he builds a stunning Antipasto Platter.  His advice and expertise, along with the many delicious options on our bars, results in an Antipasto Platter that’s sure to impress everyone – even those who don’t like olives!

How to Carve a Turkey

Ryan and Jenny put this together a few years ago at Central Market Mill Creek and it’s still one of our favorite holiday how-to videos. Ryan doesn’t work for us any more and Jenny is a Market Manager at our Ballard Market – but their sage advice on carving a turkey has withstood the test of time, so here it is!