Holiday Bakery

It's our favorite time of year in the Bakeries, when we get to bring in some very special products. Supplies of these holiday goodies vary at each store - and those that are traditionally popular at Christmas might not be in until closer to that holiday.


Pecan Pie


The classic with a flaky crust and a buttery brown sugar custard - from Parisian Star Bakery in Seattle. No high-fructose corn syrup.


Chocolate Bourbon Hazelnut

Hazelnuts make more sense than pecans in the Northwest - add some high-quality dark chocolate and a splash of bourbon and you have a show stopper. From Pacific Pies in Oregon.


Pumpkin Pie


The classic, traditional pumpkin pie is set apart from the usual by the wonderful taste and texture of its crust - from Pacific Pie in Oregon.


Pumpkin Chiffon Pie


Made by Willamette Pies in Oregon, this is creamy pumpkin and spiced whipped cream layered in a beautiful pie.


GF Pumpkin Pie


Created by Olivia Superfree bakery in Mukilteo, this vegan pumpkin pie is free of gluten, dairy, soy, rice, egg, corn and potato (but not flavor).




This traditional Danish pastry is made of flaky layers of pastry filled with almond paste and raisins and shaped into a pretzel. Topped with sugar and sliced almonds. From Larsen's Danish Bakery, Seattle.


Sebaste Soft Torte Nougat

An Italian confection with aromas of Langhe hazelnuts. Made in the Piemontese tradition, this rich dessert pairs well with Moscato wine, coffee and tea. The Sebaste family has been crafting decadent sweets for five generations. Makes a lovely gift.



Chocolate Pecan Babka

Theories abound on its origins (even in a Seinfeld episode), but we think this is the babka truth: Rich brioche-like bread rolled in bittersweet chocolate glaze and toasted pecans. Macrina Bakery, Seattle.


Julekaka Bread

A traditional Norwegian raised-yeast bread with cardamon spice, candied fruit and raisins from Larsen's Danish Bakery - a Ballard fixture since the mid 1970s.


Konditorei Oebel Stollen

Traditional, fruit-filled cakes with flavors of almond, fruit and powdered sugar, made in the German city of Cologne with recipes created 100 years ago. Three varieties - Marzipan, Christollen and Butter. 



Classic Panettone

From Maina of Italy, this traditional Italian cake with raisins and candied orange peels, which got its start in Milano, is made with traditional methods and recipes. Great for French Toast, or try one of the five great Panettone recipes we developed.


Linea Elegance

These Panettones from Maina in Italy come in beautiful packages of red, brown or white, complete with ribbons and toppings – Tutti Frutti, Classic and Chocolate Chip & Amaretto. These traditional Italian cakes go through a low-bake process that makes them slightly more moist.



Chocolate Yule Log Cake

Chocolate chiffon cake rolled with rich chocolate ganache, with meringue mushrooms, white chocolate drizzle and chocolate holly leaves (individual size, too, for $4.99). Parisian Star Desserts, Seattle.


Raspberry Vanilla Yule Log Cake

Vanilla chiffon cake, vanilla syrup and raspberry jam rolled and cloaked in an orange cream cheese frosting. Garnished with meringue mushrooms and chocolate holly leaves.


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