Strauss Family Beef

Strauss Family Beef provides us with Free Raised® all-natural, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef. This relatively recent producer partner of ours is not kidding around when it comes to dedication and quality.

 “It’s the only grass-fed beef I eat,” T&C Meat Specialist Michael Fodness said. “It has great flavor and more marbling, which makes it more forgiving to cook. Plus, it has less saturated fat and more omega-3 fatty acids.”

With a tradition stretching back four generations, Strauss raises its beef in Montana on the largest prairie reserve in the country. Strauss uses a technique called ‘regenerative agriculture,' a sustainable ranching method that allows the herd to re-fertilize the soil and prevent erosion, meaning the use of less fossil fuel and fewer greenhouse gases. And it’s all done without antibiotics or hormones, so enjoying premium-quality beef while supporting one of the most ambitious conservation projects in the United States is not only possible, it’s easy!

One of the reasons why Michael and our highly skilled butchers are excited about Strauss being part of our Meat Markets is their commitment to the ethical treatment of cattle.

“I’m always about the story,” Michael said. “The Strauss family is made up of ranchers committed to preserving the wildlife and the environment. We believe in offering our customers choices, but we’re particularly proud of this brand because there’s a purpose behind what they do. It’s more than just steak.”

Town & Country Markets started offering Strauss beef in the spring of 2018 – the first retailer in the Seattle area to offer this particular brand of grass-fed beef. We love to go big-time with it during the summer. We know you’ll appreciate Strauss Beef’s premium quality and flavor once you throw it on the grill — any time of year. Taste the difference and spread the word!

For more information about the Strauss Brands, visit and learn more about the work American Prairie Reserve is doing at