Summer Berry Freeze Fest
and Blueberry Primer

All kinds of summer berries can be easily and quickly frozen - so you can enjoy them all winter long as you wait for berry season to return!

Blueberry season typically beings mid-July and lasts two glorious months until it succumbs to fall in mid-September.


  • Early season and first to ripen
  • Medium size, long, loose clusters of large, firm, light-blue berries
  • Excellent sweet and mild flavor


  • Early season
  • Medium to large light-blue berries with mildly tart flavor
  •  Very firm and retains fresh quality longer than most other varieties


  • Early season
  • Upright, very rigorous bush, extremely productive
  • Fruit is dark blue, medium size and firm


  • Mid-season
  • Striking, full, heavy clusters of giant sky-blue fruit
  • Extremely large fruit, often as large as a quarter


  • Late season, offering berries through September
  • Gray-green foliage and sky-blue berries
  • Can be quite tart unless picked fully ripe