September 05, 2019

Your Own Breakfast
and Our Own Muffins!

Copywriter Chris Allen

Breakfast time just got a little sweeter! We’re happy to introduce Our Own Muffins to all our Central Markets and Town & Country Markets beginning Friday, Sept. 6, just in time for the weekend!

We’ve been baking, tinkering, and taste-testing — lots and lots of tasting — to make sure all five recipes come out just right and we’re excited to share them with you:

  • Blueberry Muffin with Streusel Topping
  • Whole Wheat Banana-Blueberry Muffin with Oat Topping
  • Lemon-Poppy Seed Muffin with Lemon Drizzle
  • Pumpkin-Cranberry with Streusel Topping (seasonal)
  • Bran Muffin (YEP! The same muffin our longtime Poulsbo customers know and love!)

Patti, our Bakery Manager at Central Market in Poulsbo, has been working with Sam from Little Rae’s Bakery, an independent wholesale bakery in Seattle’s South Beacon Hill. It took some doing, but together, they’ve crafted something special. Each muffin is baked with Shepherd’s Flour from Northwest farmers, cage-free eggs and non-GMO ingredients. Plus, they come from a peanut- and tree nut-free bakery.


Our Own Muffins will be delivered freshly baked — never frozen. And when we put the name “Our Own” on something tasty like this, it’s because we truly love them and are proud of how they turned out. Be sure to stop by our Bakeries and try a sample before they’re gone. We hope you enjoy them on a cozy Sunday morning as much as we do!

The Simple Pleasures of Ham and Brie and a French Baguette

Like many people, I met some of my best friends in college. Some of them were originally from France or went to school there. I’ll never the forget the first time my friend Franck introduced me to some “real” French cheese by prying apart a large package of tin foil at a dinner party and revealing a giant mound of slightly misshapen Roquefort blue cheese.

It was extra pungent, too, because he preferred to keep his cheese unrefrigerated, hence the slight melting. It was super sharp, with a salty punch, and almost overwhelming. I immediately fell in love. Franck ate chunks of it casually, like he was popping peanuts at a ballgame. What a weirdo.

I’m not sure why that random memory from a 10-year-old dinner party sticks with me (like, who just carries around cheese in a tinfoil?). But it was the first of many food experiences I had with that crew, not the least of which was the simple pleasure of the French-style ham and Brie baguette. That’s why I was excited to see both Champs-Élysées Brie and Le Bistro ham on our Big Board Buys this week. It brought back some fond memories. This week only, save $7.01 lb. on the brie and $6.01 lb. on Le Bistro Ham.

The word “simple” is really key here. The brie is a double-crème style, very approachable and perfect for sandwiches. Le Bistro ham is boiled, not smoked, for a soft, tender and simple flavor profile. With its light-pink hue, buttery feel and lower fat and sodium content, you might be surprised to find that just a few slices of this ham deliver all the flavor you need.

With two slices of the freshest French baguette you can find, simply add a thin layer of the brie and a slight scraping of butter, and you’ve got the makings of a super simple, but unforgettable, meal. Obviously, there are lots of little tweaks out there in the food world, but the basic idea is the same. Try it for breakfast!

If you’re just not into the European vibe of this sandwich, though, I’ll point you in the direction of our Ham and Brie Grilled Cheese recipe. It retains the simplicity of its French counterpart with a more American-style cooking flair.


Cheese Corner

Our very own cheese whiz, Shauna Howell, offers up a cheese worth discovering.

BelGioioso Smoked Mozzarella Balls: This is the perfect cheese to grab alongside our delicious antipasto assortment and toss with pasta for your late-summer barbecues and car-camping trips. This fresh mozzarella is naturally smoked and packaged in thermoform for a bit longer shelf life, too. Plus, it’s easy to slice and add to any sandwich for some extra flavor. I like to bring it camping and cube it up to top a pizza crust on the open grill. Yum!

Chris Allen is a copywriter and assistant marketer with Town & Country Markets. He’s a former contributing editor, radio anchor and producer, and an Air Force veteran. He’s also mastered the art of chopping red onions with one hand while sipping a dry Tempranillo in the other.



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