Maintaining six feet between yourself and others can be hard to do in a grocery store. While we need to rely on our customers to maintain a safe distance as they shop, we’ve made some changes to make it easier to practice social distancing in our markets:

    • Wait lists: We’ve implemented a digital wait list system we can use during our busiest hours (except at Shoreline and Lakemont) to better enable social distancing within the markets. Central Market Shoreline will monitor at the entrance during our busiest times. For our other four markets, go to on your mobile device (for Poulsbo and Mill Creek) or (Ballard and Bainbridge). Tap “Get in Line” and you’ll either see “No wait list needed. Come on in!” or “+Add Me.” Enter your name and phone number and voila – you’re in line. You’ll get a text when it’s your turn to shop. If you don’t have a phone, an employee at the door will put your name on the list, then hang out near the entry (maintaining six feet distance between yourself and others please) so you can hear when your name is called. If you’re using a phone, please wait in your car.
    • Direction Aisle Markers: One-way markers have been added to help ease crowding and alleviate traffic jams in our aisles.
    • Floor decals: We’ll have floor decals to remind our customers to keep a safe distance when waiting in lines. Currently we have tape on the floor at the check stands serving this function.
    •  Plexiglass: We’ve installed plexiglass shields at our check stands in lieu of having six feet between our customers and checkers.
    • No groups: We ask that our customers come to the market with as few people as possible to minimize crowding.
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