April 03, 2020


We started implementing specific safety practices the first week of March and have continued to add to these practices as health department guidelines evolve and new information become available.


  • Carts: All shopping carts, hand baskets, children’s carts and motorized shopping carts are wiped down with sanitizers after each use.
  • Check stands: Our checkers sanitize all check stand surfaces throughout the day, and the credit/debit card keypads are sanitized between each customer. We’ve also minimized the need to sign for credit card purchases.
  • Market wide: Our staff sanitizes high-touch surfaces in all areas of the markets throughout each day, including cooler doors and backroom areas.
  • Hand sanitizers: Available for customer use at each entrance and all check stands.
  • Mobile hand washing stations: Watch for them at entrances and/or near Produce.
  • Gloves: We’ve provided disposable gloves in various areas in the market for customers to use as they shop.

Contact Log

  • Voluntary Customer Contact Log: We have a customer contact log in each of our markets for those who would like to leave contact information with us in case of COVID-19 exposure. If we learn that you may have been exposed to COVID-19 during your visit on the day noted on the contact log, we will only share this information with public health officials. They will contact you to explain the risk, answer questions and provide resources. We will not use this information for any other purpose. If this list is not used within 30 days, we will destroy it. If you’d like to add your contact info to this log when you visit one of our markets, please ask a checker or manager.


  • Personal protection equipment: Our employees are required to wear disposable face masks. The only exception is when an employee has a health condition that makes it unsafe for them to wear face coverings. Hundreds of fabric face masks were made for us by community members—thank you!—and we wore them for several weeks, but new rules came from the state recently requiring employees to use disposable masks.
  • Samples and cooking demos: Suspended until further notice.
  • Self-serve bars and cases: Suspended until further notice. We’re pre-packing many of the items from those bars so you can still enjoy salads, hot food and antipasti at home.
  • Bulk foods: Scoop bins and bulk spices are no longer available, and we’ve prepacked many of these items. Ask an employee for what you need. We’ve suspended the use of containers and bags from home.
  • Reusable bags: We’ve temporarily suspended the use of reusable bags and are bagging all groceries in unused paper or plastic bags only. We’ve temporarily brought plastic bags back where they’ve been banned and waived the 5-cent fee in those markets.
  • Plastic utensils: We’ve swapped out unwrapped, compostable utensils with individually wrapped plastic utensils in our food service areas
  • Testers: We’ve removed “testers” for makeup or other Health & Beauty products that are applied on or close to the face.
  • Coffee cups: We’re no longer filling reusable coffee cups in our espresso shops on Bainbridge Island and Central Market Poulsbo.
  • Catering: We are temporarily suspending orders for our Market Fresh Party Platters and wedding cakes.
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