April 03, 2020


The folks who work in our markets are doing extraordinary work. We are profoundly grateful for their commitment and resilience as they serve the essential needs of our communities and keep our markets safe for all. We are doing all we can as a small business to keep them safe and to recognize their extraordinary efforts during this time.

  • Appreciation pay: All market staff has received appreciation pay for the first several months of the pandemic. 
  • State benefits: We also are pursuing state benefit programs specifically set up for workers in this crisis through Employment Security.
  • Staying home: We remind our employees that if they feel ill, they need to stay home and MAY use their sick pay or vacation pay. And we’ve let them know that we fully support and respect any who choose to take a leave of absence during this time.
  • Testing positive: With the guidance of local health authorities we have action plans prepared should any of our employees test positive for COVID-19. Any employee mandated by a medical professional or health agency to quarantine because they tested positive for COVID-19 or were in close proximity to someone who tested positive, will receive two weeks of full compensation.
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