October 23, 2019

Palm Tree Pasta,
Bruce Gore Salmon
and Pumpkin Cookies!

Copywriter Chris Allen

With autumn weather now firmly in place in Puget Sound, I’m feeling the urge to reach for warm comfort foods. Around my house, that usually means a giant bowl of penne or linguine pasta, a few dashes of nutty lentils, all covered in a light sprinkling (aka a heavy downpour) of Parmesan cheese. A glass of Shiraz doesn’t hurt, either.

Unfortunately, what I’m usually NOT reaching for are my running shoes. A giant pile of pasta is good for the soul, but not so great for the waistline.

A can of Palmini hearts of palm lasagna sheetsThat’s why my ears perked up when I heard that our Culinary Resource Center teams have been experimenting with Palmini “pasta” lately. Perhaps you’ve heard of this low-carb pasta alternative? It’s gotten a lot of national attention on shows like Dr. Oz and Shark Tank and is all the rage among keto and low-carb diet groups.

Palmini is made from hearts of palm, a mildly sweet, crunchy veggie harvested from the center of certain palm trees. It’s labor-intensive, so is not cheap and is considered a delicacy. They have a white, milky color, versatile flavor, and a texture and bite similar to zucchini “zoodles” or squash spaghetti gluten-free, making hearts of palm very flexible in the kitchen. Plus it’s only 20 calories per serving and non-GMO, making it a very low-calorie way to fill up your belly. It’s also great for those of us on a sugar-free diet who miss gripping a fork full of pasta covered in cheesy goodness.

Palmini uses hearts of palm grown and harvested from cultivated palm trees and sustainably farmed palm groves, which is a good thing obviously! You can learn more about the product on their website. 

You might have even seen our culinary experts making delicious linguine and lasagna dishes in our markets recently. Everybody’s curious about it and the reviews so far have been great. Snag a can of Palmini lasagna noodles and experiment using our Classic Meat Lasagna recipe or our adventurous Oven-Ready Kale and Shiitake Lasagna.

A pristine, flash-frozen salmon by Triad Fisheries - the Bruce Gore method.

A pristine, flash-frozen salmon aboard a Triad Fisheries vessel – the Bruce Gore method.

Our Signature, World-Class Bruce Gore Salmon is Back

Now that we’ve officially closed the curtain on fresh salmon season, it seems like a great time to call out our partnership with Bruce Gore Salmon. Wild Coho salmon fillets from Bruce Gore are just $12.98 lb. on our Big Board Buys right now, for a savings of more than $4 lb.

With their troll-caught, wild Alaskan salmon, Bruce Gore and Triad Fisheries have been setting the standard for sustainable fishing practices since 1978. We’re proud that our relationship with Bruce Gore and Triad Fisheries goes back so long.

Their fish is flash frozen right on the boat to at least -30˚F — we’re talking deep freeze here, people —within 90 minutes of catching, which means incredible quality and flavor any time of year. And we’ve got their decadent and delicious wild Alaskan king salmon on Big Board Buys today for $27.98 lb., for a savings of $7.01 lb.

We’ve done the searching for our salmon recipes for you – here are 63 recipes having to do with salmon.

Drizzled with Chocolate or Baked with Pears, Figs and Hazelnuts?

Now that you’ve behaved and eaten well with a big plate of gluten-free, low-calorie heart of palm lasagna, let’s celebrate with a hearty serving of baked goods! OK, I’m weak. But it’s so hard when the autumn treats in our Bakery are so good!

After the 2-year-old is finally asleep and I’m trying to wind down, it’s so fulfilling to look out the window, admire the “sad face” Jack-o-Lantern we carved together while sipping on a hot cup of herbal tea and nibbling a couple of Our Own legendary Pumpkin Chocolate Walnut Cookies, made by our bakers at Central Market Poulsbo. They definitely have a hardcore following.

And now is the time of year to savor a slice of Sweet Perrin Bread from The Essential Baking Company. It’s naturally sweet with organic pears, figs and hazelnuts. It’s fabulous toasted and slathered with a really good butter or creamy blue cheese or served with pumpkin or butternut squash soup.


Cheese Corner

Our very own cheese whiz, Shauna Howell, offers up a cheese worth discovering.

Spanish Solare Mahón: Our Spanish Solare Mahón cheese is one of the most crowd-friendly cheeses we carry.

An aged cows’-milk cheese made on the island of Menorca off the coast of Spain, Mahón has a burnished brown rind and a deep golden paste. With its chewy texture and nutty caramel finish, this cheese literally melts as it sits on your tongue.

Slow down and savor this cheese with a juicy glass of Spanish wine. No one would be disappointed if you included it on every cheese plate you prepare.

Chris Allen is a copywriter and assistant marketer with Town & Country Markets. He’s a former contributing editor, radio anchor and producer, and an Air Force veteran. He’s also mastered the art of chopping red onions with one hand while sipping a dry Tempranillo in the other.


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