November 09, 2020

Lots to Be Thankful For
in Fresh Produce

Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away! Many families will be celebrating differently this year, with less traveling or hosting guests and holiday parties. But they will still be celebrating. Personally, I feel we will see much smaller family gatherings that are hopefully as safe as possible. However you choose to celebrate, we will be prepared to serve all your needs as best we can.

One tip, though: shop early! Avoid the holiday crowds that typically rush our markets in the last few days leading up to Thanksgiving.

Classic Holiday Veggies are in Full Supply

A cornucopia full of fruits and vegetables

When we talk about fresh produce and the holidays, we’re talking about the classics: from sweet potatoes to Brussels sprouts, from cranberries to pomegranates! We have everything you need to put your holiday meal together just the way you like it. Fresh organic or conventionally farmed green beans are abundant, too. My favorite is the 12-oz. organically grown French beans; they’re pre-washed, trimmed, and ready to cook.

I’m sure you’ve already fallen in love with traditional green Brussels sprouts but we also have the slightly sweeter red variety! Don’t hesitate to use them the same way as the green variety for a delicious new flavor experience. Short on time? Washed, trimmed, cut-halves or shaved options are all available.

Cape Blanco Cranberries Shine,
Satsumas Peak, and So Much More

Don’t forget the fresh cranberries! We have brought back our favorites from Cape Blanco. This big, beautiful red berry is harvested several times through the fall season to ensure a bigger, sweeter berry. They also come with an excellent cranberry sauce recipe inside the container. How convenient!

Satsuma oranges

All our apples are now new crop Northwest grown. Also, check out the pre-conditioned Bartlett and Comice pears: they’re simply the best eating pears of the season. How can we have Thanksgiving in the northwest without California Satsumas? We have our first arrivals from Rising C Ranch coming this week. The one I am most excited about is the Family Tree Orchards Satsuma from the Kettleman area of California. This area gets a little more sun and heat to sweeten the fruit more than most other early fruit areas. This grower also lets the fruit ripen on the tree until it’s ready to eat instead of harvesting too early! Look for them to arrive around Nov. 20 or so.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms are where it’s at in my book. Unfortunately, we are struggling just a bit with the supply of Crimini mushrooms. We’re pulling product from every source we can find. Chanterelles are winding down, too, but we will have them just the same. Best to shop early on these two varieties. I’d also encourage you to adventure out of the norm! Shiitake, Maitake, Bunashemeji, Enoki and Portabella mushrooms are all available. Some holiday recipes call for Porcini or Morel mushrooms. They’re not available in fresh but we do have them dried in Bulk Foods. Cook ‘em up in your recipe and I’ll bet you’ll have a hard time telling the difference. Just remember: 1/10 lb. of dried equals 1 lb. of fresh once reconstituted.

Fresh organic herbs are a chef’s best friend. Anyone looking to save some time should check out the Herb Bird fresh herb kit, a blend specifically crafted for your holiday turkey, goose or chicken. They’re incredibly flavorful. Of course, some folks like to create their own herb blends by purchasing them separately and we have all the choices you need. However, supply is a tight this year because of labor restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Again, if you need fresh herbs, please grab them early.

Bowl of mashed potatoes

Last but not least, it is just not possible to pull off Thanksgiving dinner without potatoes! Whether mashed, baked, roasted, scalloped or au gratin, potatoes are a must. We have the perfect variety for every dish including the new Butter Russet that’s Colorado-grown and the perfect baker potato. Check it out! (Need fresh shallots, pearl onions or black garlic for your special recipe? We’ve got those, too.)

Until next time, be safe, take care and enjoy!

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