How to Cook and Clean Live Dungeness Crab

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Bring a large amount of heavily salted water to a boil. Be liberal with salt, as water should taste like ocean. Use 1-2 gallons for 1-2 crabs. Water should cover crabs well. Seasoning can be added to water, but all that is really needed is salt.
Place live crab in freezer for 20 minutes before cooking to slow down and make easier to handle.
Place live crabs in pot of boiling water, cover and return to a boil. Cook for 10-12 minutes for one small crab, 15 -17 for 2-3 crabs, and 20 minutes for 3-5 crabs.
Remove crab from pot and run under cold water for a few minutes to stop cooking process, and to cool before handling.
Remove back or 'apron" by holding crab with one hand and pulling underside of crab away from body with other hand.
Using your thumb, pry off triangular-shaped section, or 'carapace" and lift it away.
Scrape away gills on either side with your thumb or a spoon.
Remove mandibles (mouthparts) at front of crab.
Rinse away any other innards of crab.
Twist off legs, rinse rest of body under cold water and break crab in half if desired.
Crack legs with a mallet, hammer or cracker to get to meat.
Dig out meat with a claw – it is a perfect pick!

Do not be afraid to be messy! Save shells (they freeze well) to use when making stock for your soups and chowders. Good freshly cooked crab needs no dipping sauce, but a little squeezed lemon and melted butter are nice.
Recipe from Central Market Shoreline - Culinary Resource Center
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