Bountiful Easter
Fruit Harvest Signals
Spring is Here!

Spring has sprung in our Produce Market! Which means it’s time to renew our monthly update.

Berry Bounty Shaky – but Still Sweet!

Berries are popular anytime and even more so during the Easter Holiday on April 4. The weather down in Mexico has been cooler than normal making the fruit supply a little tight. That said, we’ll be sure to have lots of organic strawberries on hand and a new conventional premium variety that is bigger, sweeter and packed in an 18-oz. corrugated container to reduce plastic waste, which is something we try to do whenever possible. This is a test program with limited supply, but they’re great-eating strawberries.

We’ve also secured organic blueberries and expect to make the move to conventionally farmed in the next week or so. Those of you who’ve enjoyed the “Sweetest Batch” variety blueberries from Driscoll’s should keep a sharp eye for their return soon. Their availability comes and goes because they must meet the absolute highest standards for flavor, texture and sweetness. We snatch them up whenever we can. We expect to make the move north into California-grown blueberries in May and then into the Northwest fruit by early June.

Red raspberries are available but tight, again, because of the cool weather in Mexico. We are getting word, however, that a HUGE surge of blackberries is on its way! It’s looking like mid-April. Last but certainly not least, local strawberries should arrive in our markets in early June and local raspberries and blackberries are coming in late June. There’s nothing better than locally grown fruit!

South American Grapes Arrive

The arrival of April also brings the best-of-the-best seedless grapes from South America. The very best grapes arrive at the end of their season. We will move through red, green and black seedless varieties as April unfolds. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than a soft, mushy grape, and I’m happy to report these grapes are large, sweet and crisp.

California Artichokes Late,
Washington Asparagus Early

Canadian hothouses are ramping up allowing us to move closer to Washington for veggies like sweet bell peppers, English cucumbers, on-the-vine tomatoes, and those crispy mini-seedless cucumbers. And no veggie signals the arrival of spring quite like Green Globe artichokes! March has been rough on artichokes, but we believe the April harvest will really peak! Asparagus has also been a little unusual this year. Normally we would have already moved north for California asparagus, but supply is still tight and we may even see our first sighting of Washington-grown asparagus as early as April 20. Woah! Spring is already moving fast and summer will be here before you know it.

There is one more fruit that gets me excited for Spring: the seedless red watermelon! I’m talking watermelon that actually eats and tastes as good as you want – it’s been a tough winter rooting out the best we can – and by April it gets way easier to find the melons we crave!

Be safe and enjoy the arrival of Spring!

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