Espresso Shop

6 am-6 pm
Seven Days a Week

Just inside T&C's northeast entrance is a place where baristas banter with customers over lattes and chai just about every hour of the day.

The Espresso Shop serves Equal Exchange fairly traded organic coffee and tea, along with an array of pastries, cookies and breakfast goodies. A punch card gets you a free coffee drink of your choice for every 10 drinks you buy (and is good at Central Market Poulsbo, too).

We offer 16-ounce Smoothies like Double Berry Blast, Tropical Tango, Goodness Greens and Cocoa Power. Or build a custom smoothie by selecting almond or coconut milk, dairy milk or orange juice and building on that with a yogurt, banana or avocado base. Choose from four boosters (protein, chia,, etc.)  and then pick two of seven "additions" like berries or spinach, etc.

Most of our beverages are available in 8-, 12-, 16- and 20-ounce sizes.

  • Lattes or Cappuccinos (espresso with your choice of organic milk)
  • Mochas (espresso and chocolate sauce with your choice of milk)
  • Town & County Mochas (our special recipe, with organic Fresh Breeze chocolate milk)
  • Americanos (espresso with water)
  • Espresso Macchiatos (espresso shots marked with foam)
  • Hot Chocolate (your choice of milk with chocolate sauce)
  • Steamers (steamed milk with your choice of flavor)
  • Breves (espresso with steamed half & half)
  • London Fogs (brewed tea with steamed milk and a flavor)
  • Chai Lattes (made with organic Oregon Chai and milk)
  • Organic Tea (hot or iced, your choice of Equal Exchange tea)
  • Barista's Choice (our own creations, perfect for the season)
  • And, of course, good old-fashioned drip coffee (the first refill is on the house)
  • We also have Coffee Service to Go (fresh-brewed coffee for groups

Non-coffee beverages include Country Mills hot spiced cider (seasonal) and Italian Cream Soda (your choice of syrup with club soda, topped with whipped cream).

We offer almond, coconut and soy milks as alternatives to dairy milk.

We service Monin Gourmet syrups, which are gluten- and GMO-free and contain no high-fructose corn syrup.