Director Steve Snyder

When Steve Snyder was named director of T&C Market Bainbridge Island in October of 2019, he was struck by the deep connection he could sense of staff members to one another, and to customers. He knew it was a special place.

“It’s wonderful,” Steve said during his first full week at the Bainbridge market. “I am so excited to be here and be part of this community. Everyone has been so welcoming.”

Steve has worked in the grocery business for 43 years and has seen a lot of places,  so we can believe he means what he says. His grocery career included Haggen Top Foods for about a dozen years, United Grocers out of Portland as a “retail counselor” calling on stores throughout the state of Washington and for Tradewell stores until that company of about 30 markets was dissolved.

He took another path sourcing apples for a startup product company where, as director of procurement, he got to “walk through apple fields.” Then there was his stint as general manager of Central Coop, a co-op grocery store for local, organic and sustainable foods. He served as project manager when the co-op built a new store on Seattle’s Capitol Hill.  He has worked for Thriftway stores, a market/café/wine bar startup in Southern California, and then as an executive and career coach for a few years.

He was working at Matthew’s Fresh Market in Lakemont when it was purchased by Town & Country Markets in 2014 and “T&C adopted me,” Steve said. Since then, he has worked as a Market Manager for T&C’s Central Markets in Mill Creek and Shoreline.

Then he landed on Bainbridge Island, where he plans on settling in at long last. He and his wife, Mary, moved from Kirkland to Kingston. Steve grew up in Edmonds and the couple has three grandkids in the Puget Sound region with whom they spend a lot of time. They also have two dogs, and he’s definitely an animal lover.

“I love to get out in nature,” he said. “Taking the dogs on a hike – I love that.”

Open 6 am-11 pm

Downtown at 343 Winslow Way E.

Bainbridge Island, WA 98110