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Oregon Country Beef

For more than 30 years, we’ve had a relationship with Oregon Country Beef (OCB). They started as a small operation, only processing a few heads of cattle a week. Now they’re a co-op with more than 90 ranchers across the western U.S. And sometimes with old friends, it’s nice to look back and celebrate how far you’ve come together.

Their former CEO, Stacy Davies used to spend the night at our meat manager’s house on Bainbridge Island because they had no budget for a motel. We have always been impressed with their passion for humane treatment of their cattle and sustainable practices. Their beef is non-GMO, antibiotic-free, and Global Animal Partnership 5-Step certified, meaning their cattle has received an incredibly high-standard of care their entire life.

OCB also follows a 100% vegetarian diet and believes in regenerative agriculture, a fancy name that essentially means this admirable group of ranchers got together and made a promise to uphold practices that help rebuild the soil their animals graze on and preserve water sources. With 8 billion acres of pasture currently being used on our planet, committing to a creed that not only “does no harm” to the land but actually IMPROVES it is a crucial reason why we love OCB.  

“When you go visit one of their ranches, the first thing they do is get down and show you the health of the grass,” says Town & Country Markets Meat Specialist Michael Fodness. “The land is just as important as the cattle. And all these ranchers have a stake in providing the highest-quality beef.”

Please don’t hesitate to ask one of butchers about Oregon Country Beef and join us in supporting ranchers that really put their money where their cow is, so to speak, and provide the highest-quality beef for our families.

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