Our Relationship
with Central Market

Town & Country Markets Inc. is like a family of six individuals – each one unique.

We strive to ensure our stores reflect the communities and customers they serve.
But they do share some family traits. Our Town & Country stores all serve as neighborhood markets in Ballard and Lakemont and on Bainbridge Island, while our Central Market stores serve as larger destination markets with vast fresh sections and more choices by virtue of their size. These stores operate in Mill Creek, Shoreline and Poulsbo.

Central Markets’ unique format and vast variety of the freshest and best food available makes shopping an adventure in culinary discovery and delight. You’ll find a lively market setting with an exceptional selection of fresh produce, meats, seafood, bulk foods, baked goods and so much more.

Our stringent quality controls assure you can always expect the best; we always guarantee the freshness and quality of our products 100%; and we are committed to a shopping experience marked by knowledgeable, outgoing and friendly staff members dedicated to customer service -- and that’s true whether it’s a Central Market or a Town & Country market!