A Quick Guide for Northwest Growers

A Quick Guide for Northwest Growers


We are committed to the Northwest farming community, and have developed many long-term relationships with high-quality growers over the years.

We continue to seek new relationships in the region – they must be sustainable and mutually beneficial to all partners – farm worker, customer, grower, distributor and retailer.

Our goal is to provide customers with fresh, healthy and safe fruits and vegetables of the highest quality. We are committed to connecting our customers with their food and its sources.


  • Fresh: Shortest possible window from field to shelf
  • Excellent Quality: In flavor and appearance
  • Ongoing Communication
  • Available for Marketing Materials
  • Consistency: In quality, size, quantity, availability
  • Unique: In variety or the item itself
  • Value: Our equation is Product + Quality + Origin + Price = Value
  • Certification: Organic products must be certified as such
  • Safety: Proven safety from field to shelf (lab testing, cold chain, worker health and hygiene, etc.)
  • Packaging: Cartons, containers, or bags that include a PLU or a UPC
  • Availability: Enough products to satisfy our needs
  • Liability Protection: Bonding, licensing and documentation must prove the product meets Department of Agriculture requirements and is fully traceable.


To improve efficiencies, we prefer to connect our growers with wholesalers to reduce phone calls, deliveries and invoicing. This also supports our long partnerships with our distributors and reduces fuel consumption. Our distributors are:

  • Organically Grown Co.
  • Pacific Coast Fruit Co.
  • Specialty Produce
  • United Grocers Inc.

Direct deliveries to the stores are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the store department manager and the corporate Produce Specialist. These are generally very small growers located in the communities we serve.