Time for a Market Remodel

If you’ve been in our market lately, we’re sorry. But hang in there – it’s going to be great when this remodel project is completed this fall.

So far, we’ve replaced our frozen cases (as well as filled them!); relocated Beer, Wine & Spirits and gave them new shelving; readied our new Flower Shop and brought in new cases and shelving for our Produce Market.  Soon you’ll see more temporary walls, the re-do of Bulk Foods, and new shelving in Seafood.

We’re excited about these major upgrades, and we’re super excited! We appreciate your patience – it’s harder to find things (stay up on changes by following us on Facebook), and sometimes it seems like there is a lot of pounding of hammers and buzzing of saw. But we think you’ll like what you see upon completion:

  • A shiny new Growler Station to help you quench your thirst with cold brew
  • A brand-new spirits section joins our excellent wine and beer selection
  • A more robust Bakery
  • A revamped Flower Shop right by the entrance for an even more welcoming experience
  • Fresh-made sushi rolls, rice bowls, delicious ramen and more
  • A hot food bar, crispy liège waffles and other delicious prepared foods

And with so much good food on hand, you’ll need a place to sit down, relax and enjoy your meal. Our new eating area by the south entrance will provide that experience. 

You’ll notice a  new “flow” in our grocery aisles. We want to better inspire eating experiences right off the shelves by making them easier to shop, with new, interesting foods and a more intuitive layout.

A heart-felt “Thank You” to all our awesome Ballard Market customers , and to our two amazing employees focused on Facebook updates around the remodel. Not to belabor the point, but like us on Facebook for real-time developments like the movement of products, or anything that impacts your shopping. 

Remodel Update Emails

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