Time for a Market Remodel

If you’ve been in our market lately, we’re sorry. But hang in there – it’s going to be great when this remodel project is completed this fall.

So far, we’ve replaced and filled our frozen cases; relocated Beer, Wine & Spirits and gave them new shelving; readied our new Flower Shop and brought in new cases and shelving for our Produce Market.  Bulk Foods has moved to its new location, with a new home for bulk spices that looks great.

New cases have been installed in Seafood, and the wall between Meat and Seafood has been removed. Our new “Idea Center” where you can find inspiration for dinner, or anything related to cooking, is open. The Growler station is up and running and open for business. We’ll keep you posted about what’s on tap on Facebook.

We’re excited about these major upgrades! We appreciate your patience – it’s harder to find things (stay up on changes by following us on Facebook), and sometimes it seems like there is a lot of pounding of hammers and buzzing of saws. But we’re headed down the home stretch so don’t give up. Here’s the end result:

  • A shiny new Growler Station to help you quench your thirst with cold brew
  • An Idea Center where you’ll find inspiration, lots of recipes and answers to the age-old question: “What should I make for dinner?”
  • A brand-new spirits section joins our excellent wine and beer selection
  • A more robust Bakery
  • A revamped Flower Shop right by the entrance for an even more welcoming experience
  • Fresh-made sushi rolls, rice bowls, delicious ramen and more
  • A hot food bar, crispy liège waffles and other delicious prepared food.

And with so much good food on hand, you’ll need a place to sit down, relax and enjoy your meal. Our new eating area by the south entrance will provide that experience. That, along with sushi and a completed Deli should be open within the next few weeks. It’s moving so fast, you’ll just have to stop by to see how far we’ve come.

You’ll notice a  new “flow” in our grocery aisles. We want to better inspire eating experiences right off the shelves by making them easier to shop, with new, interesting foods and a more intuitive layout.

A heart-felt “Thank You” to all our awesome Ballard Market customers , and to our two amazing employees focused on Facebook updates around the remodel. Not to belabor the point, but like us on Facebook for real-time developments like the movement of products, or anything that impacts your shopping. 

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