Pacific Pie Company

Pacific Pie Company began in 2009 when husband-and-wife team Sarah and Chris Powell moved to Portland, Ore., and Sarah created meat pies reminiscent of Chris’s native Australia. They began selling their pies at local farmers’ markets around their home and soon opened a small café in Southeast Portland.

Their pies – both sweet and savory – quickly grew so popular that they outgrew their location and built a new bakery and restaurant in the former home of Roots Organic Brewing in Portland. Now they operate three retail locations – all a combination of full-service restaurant, bakery café and take out.  Featured on Food Network, the Cooking Channel and in the Los Angeles Times, the couple now employs a large team of dedicated bakers.

Pacific Pie is a company that is socially responsible, as well as a company that creates amazing pies. The company conducts “donation days,” during which 10 percent of their sales are donated to non-profit organizations. They also provide pies and gift certificates to charity events, and support public schools in the neighborhoods where they do business.

Their pies can be found in the best cafes, theaters, sporting venues and grocery stores in the Portland area, and in the Puget Sound region those pies can be found at our markets! Their Yelp reviews are impressive, as well, along with reviews on Zomato (formerly Urbanspoon) and TripAdvisor. But the real test, for us, is how our customers love and support Pacific Pie in our markets.

Want more? They’ve got a great little 33-second video about their business here as well as a two-minute video that takes you behind the scenes and into the kitchen.

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