Anjou Bakery

In the rolling hills near Wenatchee is the small town of Cashmere, where the artisan bakery called Anjou is waiting to be discovered by travelers along Highway 2 – or Town & Country Market customers perusing our Bakeries.

This idyllic bakery, owned and operated by Heather and Kevin Knight, opened its doors in 1995. The Knights were looking for a way to blend work and life to find their life’s purpose.  After college, Heather and Kevin traveled throughout Europe and discovered they liked what they considered the bread-centered culture and missed it when they returned to the United States.

The couple moved to the Wenatchee area for the plethora of outdoor activities and saw a need for an artisan bakery. They opened the bakery to offer the area a chance to taste truly good bread, and discovered they had a passion for creating new recipes.

One of those creations was the Fruit and Nut Crostini, which they developed almost by accident. The couple’s fruit-and-nut bread was not selling as well as other flavors. Knowing the customers who did purchase the product would be upset to see it go, the couple looked for a way to repurpose the extra loaves by adding a step to the baking process. Thus their crostini was born.

Now simply called the Original, it was launched in 2000. The first step of the three-day process is the mixing and fermentation process. The next day, the raisin-, almond- and pecan-packed bread is baked.  After it sits for a day to cool and cure, the baked loaves are cut into thin slices and placed   in the oven. When they pull the bread out of the oven for the second time, it has been transformed into crostini.

Packed with flavor, this Fruit and Nut Crostini is a good source of nutritional fiber and energy and can withstand any topping you choose to pair it with. One of the most common pairings is creamy specialty cheeses, but the Knights also recommend it by itself for a great snack.  


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