Equal Exchange
Espresso Bar Closes


After a 10-year run at Ballard Market, Equal Exchange Espresso Bar closed its doors Jan. 22, 2017, as the market prepares for a remodel.

For information on Equal Exchange’s plans, please contact manager Alison Booth Gribas at eeeballard@equalexchange.coop, or sign up for their newsletter at www.equalexchangeespresso.coop

Ballard has boomed since the 2006 remodel of the market, which is when Equal Exchange opened the 300-square-foot espresso bar. Since then, customers have consistently requested more more prepared food and in-market seating.

Ballard Market continues to sell a wide selection of Equal Exchange’s fairly traded coffees, teas, cocoas and chocolates. 

Equal Exchange is a for-profit, Fair trade, worker-owned cooperative headquartered in West Bridgewater, Mass. It distributes organic coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, sugar, olive oil, bananas, avocados, nuts and dried fruit produced by more than 40 farmer cooperatives in 19 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. It’s the oldest and largest fair-trade coffee company in the United States.