Open 24 Hours
A block North of Northwest Market Street
on 15th Avenue Northwest
1400 N.W 56th St., Seattle WA, 98107

Store Director
Mike Pedersen

Mike Pedersen, named Store Director of Ballard Market in June of 2013, is a third-generation grocery guy.

Pedersen, 48, has worked for Town & Country Markets since 2006, and spent his first five and a half years as the Merchandiser at Central Market Shoreline and a year and a half in that same role in the Mill Creek Central Market.

When Pedersen left our...

Central Market Stores

Welcome to Ballard Market

Ballard Market is home to the Equal Exchange Espresso Bar.

Store Director MIke Pedersen and store Merchandiser Nancy Sullivan.

Checker Maria works with a younger customer.

The fresh and colorful Produce Market.

Ballard Market is known for many things — but especially for its produce, bulk foods, salad bar, beer & wine assortment – and friendly staff. Many of the employees have been there so long that they have forged lasting friendships with customers and their families.

And the Deli, of course, with its hot case of ready-to-eat food, is open 11 am to 8 pm seven days a week.

The Market was originally a Lucky Store, but when it opened as Ballard Market in March of 1986, it became the first Town & Country Markets store on the Seattle side of the water.

The Market became famous in those early days for “Singles Night,” a way for single people in the community to meet in the grocery store. It eventually fell victim to its own popularity when the fire department requested it be discontinued because of overcrowding (but not until at least one couple who met there were married, rumor has it).

The goal was to transform the store into a community-focused market centered around the concept of fresh food. Substantial remodeling doubled the size of the produce department, and a new massive red, white and blue awning stretched the entire length of the building announcing its new name as Ballard Market. The company that made that awning claimed it was the biggest sign in Seattle...

The Deli

5:30 am-11 pm Daily
Hot Food 11 am-8 am
Salad Bar 10 am-9 pm
Daily Specials


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