About Us

We are a family of six stores that focus on fresh and are committed to being of service.

  • Ballard Market: 206.783.7922
  • Town & Country Market, Bainbridge Island: 206.842.3848
  • Central Market Shoreline: 206.363.9226
  • Central Market Mill Creek: 425.357.3240
  • Central Market Poulsbo: 360.779.1881
  • Town & Country Market, Lakemont: 425.653.2261

Town & Country Markets Inc. is a regional, locally owned and operated, independent retail grocery company that began in 1957.  Our markets, located throughout the Puget Sound region, include three operating under the Town & Country banner and three under the Central Market banner.
Our Town & Country stores, Ballard Market and Town & Country Markets Bainbridge Island and Lakemont, are neighborhood markets on a relatively small scale. Our three Central Markets – in Poulsbo, Shoreline and Mill Creek – are larger “destination” stores.
All are fresh markets for people who love food. While the stores share many attributes, each is unique in how they serve the needs of their individual communities, by design.
We strive to offer the freshest, highest quality foods available along with a unique mix of products aimed at satisfying the diverse needs and tastes of the communities and customers we serve. Our features include exceptional produce, a wide selection of natural and organic foods, superb fresh seafood, bulk foods, natural meats and ethnic and specialty foods.
Our staff members are friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about good food.
Continue reading to learn about our six core values as an organization – Service, People Working Together, Being Customer-Centered, Environmental Stewardship, Knowledge and Authenticity/Integrity.

The values that help form the core of our company are:

  • Service: Being of service to others is a principle upon which the company was founded. Genuine service comes from the heart, and is a reflection of a person’s commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others.
  • People Working Together: Listening for people’s contributions with respect creates an environment of participation. Teamwork is a foundation of the company.
  • Being Customer Centered: We place the customer at the forefront of our decision making. More than providing service alone, it means paying attention to our customers’ entire shopping experience.
  • Environmental Stewardship: No measure of business success is complete without considering the impact on the earth and its resources. By educating ourselves, we can influence our families and communities.
  • Knowledge: Knowing our profession and the products we sell is a responsibility we have to ourselves and our customers.
  • Authenticity/Integrity: Being true to one’s self and acting with integrity are pathways to living a life of authenticity.